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    NewWebsite Supplies Diabetics with Everything They Need to Tame Their Disease

    Oakland Park, FL, January 27, 2014 – Finally, there is a comprehensive website that provides all of the information that diabetics need regarding their disease and how to live a totally normal life with it. With articles, videos, ideas for natural treatment options and much more, this new website is an encyclopedia of knowledge and advice. At http://PermenentCureforDiabetes.com, information is delivered in unbiased, everyday language to help diabetics live an enjoyable life by effectively managing the disease.

    "Based on so many comments we've seen elsewhere, this new site will provide a quick and easy way for diabetes sufferers to find the information they want in one spot. Not having to waste hours and days searching all over the Internet looking for information that they can trust means that they can spend more time living.” – John Kuhnemund, Founder, PermementCureforDiabetes.com

    This new website provides diabetes sufferers with everything they need to understand and improve their quality of life:

    • Special diets, including diabetic recipes, to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and weight
    • Diabetic neuropathy treatments, cures and products, to reduce chronic pain and aid sleeping
    • Information about commonly prescribed medications and their hidden side effects
    • Safe, effective ways to improve circulation in the lower extremitiesto help avoid foot problems that can lead to serious complications
    • Home remedies for coping with restless leg syndrome, including ways to reduce pain and promote restful sleep
    • Tips for dealing with the different types of diabetes, including Type I, Type II, Juvenile and Gestational Diabetes

    As part of the grand opening of the new website, every new subscriber can receive a free 204-page Special Report, “How to Be Your Own Doctor.” This report outlines techniques for self-care that the medical establishment will never tell their patients.

    “When my buddy found out I have diabetes, he told me to check out permenentcurefordiabetes.com. He said that it had everything I needed to be healthy and get my illness under control. I am an independent man; I don’t like to have to be reliant on medicines to survive. This website taught me things about my disease that my doctor wouldn’t ever tell me. Now I am able to control my diabetes and maintain my independence.” – Tom Walker, Beaver Falls, NY

    http://PermenentCureForDiabetes.com was created to be a clearinghouse of information regarding one of the most prevalent diseases in the United States and the world. By gathering the latest information from global sources and presenting it in a cohesive manner, diabetes sufferers are better able to understand their illness and learn ways to live a totally normal life. The website offers a free 204-page Special Report to welcome new subscribers.


    Media Contact:
    John Kuhnemund

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