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    Maximize Your Potential by Reducing Your Accent

    Austin, TX, Jan-30-2014 - The Red Sweater Lady, aka Tracy Goodwin, internationally known communication expert, is now offering one on one accent reduction training via Skype and Google Hangout. Due to the multi-cultural business world we live in today, accent reduction has become an increasingly popular service among individuals and companies. Individuals often struggle with strong or hard to understand accents which create both personal and professional problems. Employers can face problems such as frustrated customers and bad PR and the individuals with the heavy accents themselves can suffer from lower self-esteem and face more challenges as they try to get ahead professionally and personally. “The voice is a tool that can resolve our obstacles,” says Lisbeth Hultmann, voice expert. Tracy Goodwin is known around the world as the Red Sweater Lady for her training videos in all things communication and her new accent reduction program is unique. Thanks to technology, it's easier than ever for anyone, anywhere in the world to work with a master consultant to reduce their accent and therefore improve their quality of life.

    The RSL system of accent reduction focuses on a number of critical techniques that require mastery, but the main area of this training is placement of the sound. In this program, individuals learn proper placement to reduce their accent as well as correction in vowels and consonants which can also be problematic. Students also learn appropriate temp, pitch, pacing and volume techniques, all of which will result in accent reduction. The results are staggering as the individual is more easily understood so their confidence builds and they are more interested in becoming engaged in social settings and have more professional opportunities presented to them. The informative sessions are packed full of incredible, cutting edge technique and are very convenient because they take place online via Skype or Google hangout. The student is not at the mercy of time and schedule. But, the best part of this unique accent reduction program is the sessions take place with the master trainer herself. It's private, one-on-one lessons; not one size fits all videos the student watches at his or her leisure, it’s tailored to meet the unique needs of each student. The technique is executed face to face so students get power packed sessions full of quality interaction and expert individualized training. It's the individual approach within the technique that creates the success of this program. Anyone who struggles to be understood now is the time to invest in accent reduction. "More and more professionals realize that their accent may be a barrier to advancement. The courses will show them how to reduce their accent and raise this barrier, " Tracy Goodwin.

    Experts say only 7% of communication comes from words, 38% comes from the sound of the voice. Our voice is one of our greatest assets that has an incredible amount of power to build trust and rapport, to persuade, comfort, collaborate and so much more. The mastery of voice is also an area that most people give the least amount of consideration to which is tragic because of the gains that can be made by knowing strategic voice technique, especially in the area of accent reduction. If you cannot be understood, what is the point in speaking? All individual in all professions can and will benefit from voice improvement or accent reduction training but for individuals in sales and customer service, it's essential.

    Find out more www.theredsweaterlady.com

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