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    “Dcmmoguls.com Comments on Scam SEO Practices by Black Hat SEO”

    Dcmmoguls.com offers it's insight on the JC Penney website debacle. The Southern California web marketing firm says that the New York Times article on the retailers disastrous run-in with Google showcases exactly why business should rely on organic SEO strategy rather than short term oriented techniques that risk running afoul of search engine policy.

    The New York Times reports that last winter, JC Penney reached high Google search engine ranking for an infrequently high number of search terms. The retail giant's website ranked high for general search terms like “home decor” and “area rugs.” The rapid rise in rank was eventually exposed as a hotbed of “Black Hat” strategies.

    “Black hat gets fast results,” comments Dcmmoguls.com, “but organic White Hat SEO is the only way to achieve long term success.” The agency reviewed the New York Times article and agrees with the finding that JC Penney's association with link farms. While building links is an integral part of every effective SEO strategy, Dot Com Media stresses that links must be relevant. JC Penney got caught phrases and website pages tacked to link farms-- irrelevant websites that serve only to provide a trove of links to fraudulently drive up search engine ranking.

    “Google and Bing want their results to be authentic,” says Dcmmoguls.com. “If marketers simply buy links or stuff key words into the content, search engines will know and they won't reward you for it.” They may in fact punish you for it, as Google did JC Penney by dropping the company’s website severely once the link farms were discovered.

    Key words should definitely be placed in the headers. Whatever your website is about, each page header should include the relevant key terms expressed simply. That way web crawlers can tell what the page is about right away. That helps the web crawlers place your site higher on the results page.

    Other techniques that Dcmmoguls.com cautions against include simple errors that destroy the quality of the content. Key word stuffing is a common error. While use of SEO key words is essential, over-using them leads search engines to conclude that you are just trying to trick the web crawler. It damages the results, as does placing duplicate content on multiple pages. If two pages have the same content, only one page will be indexed by the search engine.

    It is far better, says Dcmmoguls.com, to carefully use key words so that each repetition of a key word fits properly into the structure of the sentence. They also design client websites by maximizing the potential to build high quality links whenever possible and creating original content that the web crawlers recognize as authentic material.

    Another key tactic is to include meta tags, are used by online marketers to provide information about a page that human visitors to the page are unable to see. Meta tags are only readable to web crawlers. A meta tag can simply lists keywords for your site. It should be noted that many search engines skip meta tags entirely because some people used them to exploit search engines in the past.

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