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    BIDET4ME Booked to Participate at the 2014 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas

    In an effort to consolidate on their growing success in providing Bidet Toilet Seats and a range of other high quality bathroom accessories, BIDET4ME have booked their place at the 2014 National Hardware Show and will be showcasing their range at the Las Vegas venue.

    Anybody who has an interest in high quality, clean, hygienic and comfortable Bidet Toilet Seats and other bathroom accessories can stop by Booth #3310, but BIDET4ME is aiming to use this platform specifically to target individual dealers. "We will be showcasing our top-quality range at Booth Number 3310 and would like to extend a special invitation to the individual dealer to stop by our booth, to get more information about becoming our authorized dealer" - www.bidet4me.com

    BIDET4ME's Bidet Toilet Seats and range of bathroom accessories sell really well because of the sheer quality of these solutions, leaving potential authorized dealers with the task of only having to worry about managing sales. The main purpose for BIDET4ME's participation in the 2014 National Hardware Show is indeed to strike up some brand new partnerships, with dealers and wholesalers who subsequently take advantage of this special offer standing to benefit greatly out of selling an established line of high-quality bathroom accessories and Bidet Toilet Seats.

    The end-market catered to covers both the commercial and residential frontiers, with the commercial market particularly catching on in recent times.

    While BIDET4ME naturally encourages interest in their proposed partnerships with wholesalers and dealers, at any time really, prospective new business partners who will be attending the 2014 National Hardware Show, in Las Vegas, can take advantage of the exclusive trade show special. More detailed information about the Trade Show Special can be attained by directly contacting BIDET4ME, at info@ BIDET4ME.com, but for those who seek to sneak a peak at what lies in store for them, they can expect an exclusive show discount, among others, through which dealer and wholesale customers get a special sample price (limited to 2 units per model and per company).

    More about BIDET4ME Bidet Toilets
    Bidet toilets have been used for as long as cleanliness, hygiene and comfort have been issues pertaining to answering nature's call, leaving users very clean (much like washing the hands) and putting them in line to benefit from effective preventative measures, aimed at possible threats such as anal diseases (constipation, piles, diarrhea and hemorrhoids).

    BIDET4ME is renowned for delivering on the promises they make, which is a service level mirrored by the premium quality attained in their range of bathroom accessories and Bidet toilets.

    Individual dealers and wholesalers can now take advantage of this established high level of customer service and quality product offering and it all starts with making the small effort to visit Booth #3310, at the National Hardware Show, to be held in Las Vegas, NV.

    BIDET4ME is a one-stop shopping solution, specializing in the supply of high quality Bidet Toilet Seats and Bathroom Accessories.

    BIDET4ME covers the North American and international markets, providing both residential and commercial Bathroom Accessories and Bidet Toilet Seats. BIDET4ME will be exhibiting their wide selection of high quality products at the 2014 National Hardware Show, to be held in Las Vegas. A trade show special is on offer for those prospective dealers who will be attending the National Hardware Show (Booth #3310).

    Media Contact:
    Contact Person: Amy Chou
    Address: 1633 Watson Drive, Arcadia, CA 91006
    Tel: (626) 247-4150
    Email: sales@BIDET4ME.com (Wholesale), info@BIDET4ME.com (General Inquiries)
    Web: www.bidet4me.com
    Show Listing: http://nhshw14.mapyourshow.com/5_0/exhibitor_details.cfm?exhid=393138

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