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    Kansas City, Missouri, November 1, 2013 - Last month Jerry Brown, governor of California, signed into law a revolutionary bill against “revenge porn,” naked pictures or video of former lovers distributed by spurned exes on the internet. Only two states, New Jersey and now California have a law against this practice, and the California law only makes it a misdemeanor with punishable with six months in jail and a fine of $1,000. However, the law only applies if the distributing individual was also the photographer. This makes it harder to target and punish those who engage in revenge porn. In the wake of these legal roadblocks, internet company DMCADefender.com offers a service for women caught in the mess of revenge porn.

    DMCADefender.com fights back against images posted without their permission on websites like Anonib.com. These websites operate completely anonymously, with ex-boyfriends uploading pictures of their former lovers without permission. Many times the websites ignore requests of removals from desperate victims. Sometimes private information is revealed with the pictures, further endangering the unsuspecting victim's reputation. DMCADefender.com offers several services that help victims recover their pride and good name. They will remove the links and remove victim names so they do not show up in search results, and jeopardize future relationships, employment opportunities or embarrass the victims in front of friends or family. Removing these images helps repair the reputation of the victims so they may live their lives again.

    “Every day we receive complaints from victims of revenge porn saying they need help in removing their nude pictures from the internet, and that the situation is ruining their lives,” says a DMCADefender.com representative. “One woman lost her job because a simple search of her full name revealed images of her on porn sites. We're happy that we can help these victims put normalcy back into their lives.” Using DMCA takedown isn't enough to get nude photographs removed from websites, and Anonib.com and other websites often make victims provide a new photograph to prove their identity. The process can be long and convoluted, and DMCADefender.com steps in, simplifying the victims' request.

    “Many women come to us and have over 300 pics out there on more than 250 different websites. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of victims of revenge porn,” the DMCADefender.com representative stated. "Our main focus is to let women know there is help out there and it is affordable. They CAN get images removed from the net.”

    For more information, please visit http://DMCADefender.com.

    Contact: Regina Moore
    Tel: 888-341-5554
    Email: admin@DMCADefender.com

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