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    Expensive cloud storage a thing of the past?

    Peter Harris Launches Indiegogo Fundraiser to Provide Free Cloud Storage Facility and Data Backup.


    Ezbackup aims to provide a free online storage facility for everyone. Their objective is not only to provide the space needed, but at the same time to protect their valuable data from loss. So move over SkyDrive and Dropbox.

    As people are generating more and more data with their computers, tablets, cameras and phones they will need more data storage space. The goal is to provide all home users with an online storage facility for life. The goal of this project is to achieve 1terabyte of free cloud storage, either by our own platform or under license, to Launch first in the US and then into Europe and Asia.

    With their new and unique method Ezbackup will be able to provide their cloud service for free.

    “We are looking to raise funds and support through Indiegogo, a great new platform for forward thinking ideas. Once our goal is reached we intend to launch our Cloud Storage solution in the US as we feel the average PC users are far more diligent with their backup regime.”

    This promises to be a life-changing concept with the following features

    • No more USB sticks or external hard drives
    • All valuable data can be kept in one place forever
    • No longer will the users be tied into manufacturer’s products and services
    • Free storage platform
    • One off initial setup fee of $25

    We don’t just want your money, WE NEED YOU!

    So even if it’s just $5 to be in the first wave of subscribers, we need everyone’s HELP.

    For those who see Cloud Storage as the next big thing and wish to push this project forward there’s a limited number of Founding Members funding options available.

    The funding goal for this project has been set at $500,000. However, this campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal.

    Contact: support@ezbackup.co.uk

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