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    Quality Care Is Key to Decreasing Medical Errors Says Malpractice Insurance Broker

    Medicine continues to make great strides towards additional success in treatment. This does not mean, however, that there is still a chance of failure or mistakes.

    “There is a reason medicine is called a practice. It is still in very much a learning phase,” said Michael Kataf, Insurance Broker.

    One of the best ways to limit medical errors is to ensure quality education of medical students. The days of spending up to 80 hours a week in a hospital with patients is being phased away in favor of less hours and more time with patients.

    The decrease in medical accidents is impressive. Many previous accidents from miscare or mismanagement of symptoms and medication are negligible compared to a few decades ago.

    “There is still a long way to go,” said Kataf.

    Kataf specializes in medical malpractice insurance for students and residents who are starting their medical studies and professions. It is a way to help protect students from frivolous and unnecessary lawsuits.

    “At the end of this month is the National Healthcare Quality Week (HQW). It will be from October 20-26, and it is a chance to celebrate the successes of patient care and outcomes from medical practices,” said Kataf.

    Nexus Insurance helps all medical professionals save money on medical malpractice insurance. Each policy is customized to the specific needs and desires of the individual.

    “I don’t believe in blanket policies that cover everyone but basically cover nothing at the same time. I want my customers to know what they are getting is a quality coverage for their needs,” said Kataf.

    Kataf and Nexus Insurance offers a free quote for anyone in the medical field. Fill out the form and he will get you a free, no-obligation quote on insurance. For additional information, visit http://www.nexus-insurance.net.

    About Nexus Insurance Services

    Nexus Insurance Services is a professional insurance broker that has helped many doctors, lawyers, realtors, and business owners gain access to insurance providers for their practice or business. The company's mission is to be a firm that brings real value to clients, builds personal relationships on top of business ones, and always conducts itself with sincerity, integrity and fairness. Because of the relationships with many providers, the company is able to shop a client's application around to get the best rates. Contact Nexus Insurance for a free, no obligation quote for medical malpractice insurance, professional liability insurance, or workers compensation insurance. For more information, visit: http://www.nexus-insurance.net

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