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    Nature’s Best Secret Announces Special Pricing and Deals on Omega 3 and Garcinia Cambogia Natural Health Supplements

    United States – October 05, 2013 – Mike & Vicki Alexander, owner of Nature’s Best Secret, announced that the firm is offering special pricing on its Omega 3 Fish Oil and Garcinia Cambogia products. Those who purchase three Garcinia Cambogia pure fruit extract will receive one free. In addition, the company will soon be adding raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract to its inventory of natural health supplements.

    “Nature’s Best Secret specializes in the highest quality, most effective and safe nutritional supplements,” said Alexander.

    Nature’s Best Secret is one of the premiere resources for 100 percent natural health supplements to assist individuals attain their weight loss goals and nutrients essential to maintain normal metabolism. Visitors to the site can now obtain a 120 count supply of Omega 3 Fish Oil for just $19.95 and 60 Garcinia Cambogia capsules for $14.97.

    Individuals around the world have learned the importance of omega 3 fatty acids and their many health benefits. Research has shown that omega 3 fatty acids are an important element in lowering triglycerides and blood pressure. Other studies indicate omega 3s assist in conditions ranging from rheumatoid arthritis and depression to asthma.

    Omega 3s are vital for visual and neurological development in infants. Some studies indicate it can help improve cognitive function and reduce the symptoms of those with ADHD. While more study is needed, preliminary research suggests omega 3 oils can have a beneficial effect for those with memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

    Omega 3 fatty acids are not made in the body and must be obtained through other sources. The easiest means is through eating a balanced diet, but today’s individuals are often too busy with work and other commitments to take time to eat healthy meals. Omega 3 fish oil supplements are heart healthy and provide people with the vital nutrients they need no matter how hectic their lifestyle. Omega 3s derived from fish oil are proven to be more effective than omega 3s obtained through plant-based sources.

    Individuals seeking to trim their weight are turning to Garcinia, a tropical species native to Indonesia. The plant has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to address weight loss needs and aid in digestion. Garcinia Cambogia was endorsed by Dr. Oz on his popular daytime TV show and the fruit is used in a variety of recipes in Burma, India, Malaysia and Thailand. It’s also a primary ingredient used in the commercial fishing industry to cure catches due to its antibacterial attributes.

    Nature’s Best Secret is a multi-media site that maintains an informative blog to address the benefits and research conducted in relation to omega 3s and Garcinia. The blog features authoritative articles and videos to assist individuals when choosing and utilizing the natural health supplements.

    The special pricing on Omega 3 Fish Oil and Garcinia Cambogia allows those new to the products to try them at little cost, while providing returning customers with substantial savings on the natural health supplements they take regularly to stay healthy and fit. The addition of the new products, raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extracts sold at $14.95 each is, to fulfill the company’s lineup of all natural health products that represent of its commitment to bringing consumers the best natural health supplements available.

    All products of nature’s best secret according to Mike and Vicki will be offered at special discounted rate at limited time offer. If you buy three bottles, you will get an additional bottle for free.

    For more information, visit the website at http://www.natures-best-secret.com.

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