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    Internet Marketing Mogul Waves Goodbye to Nearly 7-Figures to Help Others Have Prosperity

    Clarksville, TN - There is no such thing as a fail proof plan. Or is there?

    Jason Mangrum, who made fortunes as an internet marketer for more than 11 years, walked away from a position paying him upwards of $60,000 a month to develop the Affiliate Domination System,

    a program that helps others generate income online ethically, honestly and with integrity.

    "I left internet marketing because I was sick and tired of the poor business practices and even deleted my list of 250,539 subscribers, taking my income from $40-60k a month, to zero, and not knowing where my next dollar was going to come from,” said Mangrum, who has been called an internet marketing genius by fellow online marketers and clients.

    "It forced me to do something with my true passion of personal development and self-help, so I created my very own marketing system which has grants me a full-time income, while maintaining honesty and integrity, and helping people change their lives for the better."

    The Affiliate Domination System is a "done for you" lead generation and sales system designed for affiliates, internet marketers and entrepreneurs who want to get into the giant field of Self-Help, Personal Development and Self-Improvement, or increase their income from their current Self-Help related internet business.

    Mangrum, who used his in-depth study of Mind Power, manifesting, Law of Attraction, self-healing and consciousness to write an online bestselling book called Uberman – Almost Super Human, also uses many of the principles from the book in his Affiliate Domination System. What makes Mangrum’s system unique is that it requires no selling of internet marketing products but instead Jason gives his students the ability to build their own list of subscribers, which receive valuable content and endorsements for top quality products and solutions within the areas of Self-Help, Personal Development and Self-Improvement.

    Mangrum says, "I want to change the world in a BIG way, and the first step is bringing something real and completely unique to the table folks can actually use to increase their wealth, abundance and prosperity, by helping others transform their lives from the inside-out, in a profound way."

    For more information about Jason Mangrum and the Affiliation Domination System, visit http://www.AffiliateDominationSystem.com

    More information about the book, "Uberman" can be found at: http://www.AlmostSuperHuman.com


    Contact: Jason Mangrum
    URL: http://www.AffiliateDominationSystem.com
    Email: beyondsuperhuman@gmail.com

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