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    Platinum Sustain Opening Shop in Miami promoting HCG Diet

    USA, 4th JUNE, 2013: When it comes to shedding weight these days the name HCG Diet sticks out as one of the best programs to use. HCG stands for human gonadotropin which is typically a hormone produced by the placenta of pregnant women. This was discovered in the year 1950 and it claims to be helpful in reducing weight in a quick and fast manner.

    The website official says, “As per research findings a small HCG injection helps reducing weight from 1 to 2 lbs on a daily basis”. The website suggests a specific weight loss program which involves regular dose of hcg injections accompanied by a low calorie diet (which includes approximately 500 calories per day).

    HCG-Injections.com offers a unique weight reduction plan for patients which show up faster results within limited time. The website follows a simple and cost efficient weight reduction approach using HCG injections. It is possible for patients to place an order for real hcg diet injections online through the web site. Customers are given an option to buy hcg injections even without a prescription note from doctors. There are many weight reduction clinics and doctors who claim to have the ideal weight loss program and offer them at high rates. Here, however, quality service at a reasonable price is charged to customers online. The hcg injection contains a natural bio identical hormone which is normally produced by the human body and can do wonders in the area of weight loss if correctly combined with a systematic low diet plan.

    The website has recently introduced a new batch of hcg products containing the necessary elements for effective weight loss. Some of the main products displayed in the website include - wholesale HCG 10.000 IU x 10 Vial, 1 month HCG 5000 IU, 2 month HCG 5000 IU, 3 month HCG 5000 IU, 4 month HCG 5000 IU and wholesale HCG 10.000 IU. The website clearly gives information about the product including product specifications, expiry period, pricing etc. It is also possible for customers to sort the products by name, description and price in the website. Those customers who buy hcg online are offered a new express shipping option. In addition to this, the website plans to set up a new physical shop in Miami area thereby offering a direct purchase option for customers. For more details about this hcg product, visit http://www.hcg-injections.com

    About Platinum Sustain Solutions

    HCG-Injections.com is a website which provides a specific weight loss program using hcg injections. The program suggested by the website includes a regular dose of hcg injections along with a systematic low calorie diet plan. Customers can buy hcg diet injections online even without a doctor’s prescription.

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