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    www.htconereviewer.com – A New Website Offering the HTC One Phone Review

    This Wednesday saw the launch of a new website containing a detailed review of a new offering from HTC – the HTC One. The site, www.htconereviewer.com is managed and maintained by Julius, a 27 year old journalist and blogger and offers genuine reviews. Speaking on the occasion, Julius said, “I am extremely excited to announce the launch of my new site www.htconereviewer.com and hope to provide genuine and in depth review of the device to the tech enthusiast around the globe.”

    If experts of the field are to be believed, the site is likely to attract more viewers simply because of its genuine nature. An expert of the field said, “The point that sets the site apart from the rest is that it is being managed by a tech enthusiast who himself owns the phone. Unlike other sites, which boasts of all the positives of device, HTC One Reviewer provides the facts and helps one in taking a decision.

    According to the sources, the site also has a separate section comparing the device with iPhone 5. When asked, Julius said, “The critique and comparison of the device to iPhone 5 is provided as I feel is of critical importance for the consumer in need of a quality device and seeking advice before making a huge purchase.” He further added, “Outer looks is what is most emphasized upon in the modern times and is also the most important factor behind one purchasing any device; however, quality is also important and must be considered. As Bob Moawad once said and I quote, ‘Quality begins on the inside… then works its way out.’”

    The site is also offering a discount code for the enthusiast interested in purchasing the phone that allows one to save up to 52 percent on the price. The site is easy to navigate and also offers a video that gives a thorough breakdown on the specifications and functions of the phone.

    About HTC One Reviewer
    HTC One Reviewer is a website that started operations in the year 2013. The site offers genuine and detailed review of a new offering from HTC – HTC One Phone.

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