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    Polvaulting.com - Interactive political satire

    It's not very often these days that you come across a website that offers a new form of interaction and is an original concept. Enter Polvaulting.com. A new and revolutionary form of political satire interaction set to entertain and amuse visitors based on current world politics news..

    The Polvaulting concept is simple. The "POL" reflects politics. The "VAULT" mirrors the capability of the human brain. When combined, an intellectual athleticism occurs, resulting in a more meaningful and entertaining experience for visitors.

    A story on Polvaulting is not a just a news story regurgitated and curated from other news sites. It takes the bare premise of the facts as its starting point and then builds a surreal but humorous play on hypothesis around them; of what might happen if a rogue American General gave the order to attack North Korea, involving various characters from Barack Obama, Kim Jong Un, basketball-player Denis Rodman and, most amusingly, Donald Trump flying the Trump plane out to join the bombers.

    The most interesting and unique aspect of this website is the 'continue dialogue' option, which actually invites and encourages readers to create their own story dialogues based on modern world politics? This spark of ingenuity could be the future of satire - interactive satire?

    Whether it's an episode like ‘Boy Dictator Gets the Bomb' or ‘Guns and the NRA', you will always be surprised with the journey that episodes will take you on.

    You'll laugh out loud with the antics of the characters such as General Chu-me Fat, advisor to Kim Jong Un or Madame Zarina, astrologer to the President. They all come to life on Polvaulting.com, what exactly they get up to is down to the interaction of the sites visitors.

    But there's so much more to polvaulting.com. When combined with powerful contemporary social networking, polvaulting.com far exceeds anything else in the realm of political humor.

    Make sure you like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and watch the halharious videos on YouTube to keep updated on their humorous take on world political news. And don't forget to tell your friends about it.

    But most of all be sure to get involved in the interactivity of polvaulting. For it is here you will find the true measure of uniqueness and fun. You can continue the story with the characters and create your own dialogue. Imagine! Put words into Kim Jong Un's mouth. Create dialogue for President Obama when he sneaks out of town to consult his Astrologer.

    Simply follow the easy instructions at the bottom of the polvaulting home page and you'll be extending polvaulting's stories with your own dialogue.

    There just is nothing else like it on the internet. So hop on board and give it a try or just and watch and read the episodes.

    Which ever way you choose to enjoy or add to the stories, you'll discover an experience that's fun, thought provoking and unique. Go ahead. Vault your opinions and join in the fun of polvaulting!

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