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    Kimberly Jessy Companies Endorsed by International Association of Women Real Estate Investors

    HOLLYWOOD, CA - The International Association of Women Real Estate Investors™ proudly endorsed Kimberly Jessy Companies™ for its years of Loyalty, Public Relations & Customer Service Skills. Founder & CEO of the International Association of Women Real Estate Investors™ Mrs. Tawana Phillips states, " I have been working with Kimberly Jessy Companies™ for several years, I have received A-list treatment from her and her staff, they have over-delivered, the are honest, and fun to work with. I have learned so much and I will continue to allow them to consult with my Luxury Real Estate Investment Boutique".

    The International Association of Women Real Estate Investors is unique in its company offerings. The Companies, motto, vision and mission is to Banish Ancestral Poverty in Women & Create Generational Wealth™.

    Mrs. Phillips states "Poverty & Women should not go hand in hand". Tawana Phillips is completing her Novel "The Rich Girl Next Door, The Womans Billion Dollar Guide To Real Estate Investment Made Simple™!

    You can read more about the International Association of Women Real Estate Investors™ at http://aowri.com

    Kimberly Jessy Companies™ is a Luxury Online Marketing, Advertising & Branding Boutique that services and interviews A-list Celebrities, Actors, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Publishers & Entertainment Professionals.

    The Founder & CEO Kimberly Jessy is an Author, Illustrator, Award Winning Publicist, Online "Stand Out" Expert" & Celebrity Red Carpet Interviewer and an Online Journalist!

    Kimberly coined the name Celebritypreneur™"which combines, journalism, PR, celebrity interviewing and internet marketing into one to help the client get the most out of their brand, name and celebrity image! She feels that one cannot be done without the other. Kimberly helps clients become celebs in their business.

    Some of Kimberly Jessy's accomplishments include: creator of Paper Doll Branding™ , Doll Phace Publishing™,,and Once Upon A Story Book Publishing™ for children, as part of her Signature Stand out business model, creator and author of three graphic fairy-tale novels for children, teens, and a sex in the city style comic book, as well as two books on publicity, one on journalism and one on how to become a celebrity author. Kimberly also teaches small business owners/entrepreneurs how to do non-conventional marketing, advertising, and PR to stand out above their competition.

    Kimberly has done PR work in partnership with the NBA and has been awarded & saluted for her work during half time of the Clippers game on TNT network.

    Kimberly has been seen on Tyra, BET, TNT, TruTV, ABC, THE GAME NETWORK, CBS, HBO, BET, FOX and The Mike & Juliet Show. Kimberly Jessy is a Celebrity Interviewer, 2011 Mrs. California USA Petite Contestant, Media Darling & Award Winning Hollywood Publicist!

    Kimberly Jessy has interviewed some of the biggest names in Hollywood from A-list celebs to the people that service them. Kimberly has had the rare privilege to know what it takes to build a solid Celebrity Boutique Style Business. From her years of Interviewing celebs, Kimberly understands the many requirements it takes to build your business so that it stands out, and is the chosen business

    Learn more at http://aowri.com and http://kimberlyjessybowles.com


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