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    Kid’s Allowance Program Good News for Stressed-Out Moms

    Attention all of you Moms out there …

    You may want to hold off on that next expensive trip to your local day spa. That’s because there’s a new family Superhero in town. Meet “Captain De-Agonizer”, the brainchild of Agony of DaFeet, Inc., a corporate express foot massage therapy service, previously located on the Las Vegas Strip.

    In today’s hustle and bustle world, Moms are oftentimes overworked and under-appreciated. Enter the solution: Captain De-Agonizer’s “Club De-Agonizer”, now accessible online via www.MassageMommysFeet.com.

    What’s it all about? At MassageMommysFeet.com, kids, teens and moms can get involved in the fun. Signing up is free, where kids and teens are encouraged by Captain De-Agonizer to strike a foot massage deal with their Moms. Children offer to provide a simple, relaxation foot massage for their Mom in exchange for an allowance. The terms are set by the Mom & child. Everybody wins: Mom gets a nice little relaxation foot massage along with some stress relief, while the child earns an allowance.

    Is it safe? For guest registrants, the web site provides a central meeting place for “child-entrepreneurs.” Like-minded children-interested in treating Mom while also making a small profit for their efforts-create a simple profile with a username. The web site is Kid Safe, requiring a parent’s full name, email address and approval in order for the account creation. The web site is COPPA compliant, gathering very little personal information which would personally identify the child.

    Participation Options: Registrants can become part of the “Guest Club”, or pay a one-time, small fee to become an Official Member of Club De-Agonizer. Paying members gain access to the private Official Club De-Agonizer, where they can be part of an exclusive Club and download their Official Club De-Agonizer Member Certificate and De-Agonizer Tracking Sheet. The tracking sheet is to encourage children to set goals and keep accurate records of the foot massages they provide for their Mom. This simple tracking sheet promotes an aspiration to serve others, as well as demonstrating the ability to be responsible.

    All participants benefit in one way or another, as the allowance program encourages children and moms to develop an even closer, respectful relationship with each other. Moms can sign their children up or children can start to get in on the fun with Captain De-Agonizer by going to MassageMommysFeet.com.

    About us:
    Jeff Zahorsky is the Founder of Agony of DaFeet, Inc. and author of two books: One New Dude and One New Dudette. Jeff is married and lives in the Los Angeles area, where he enjoys writing and developing creative ways for families to interact. You can reach Jeff at: jeffz@agonyofdafeet.com

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