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    Market Samurai Recovers From Google Update Scare

    Market Samurai users were given a scare recently, when many of the keyword research tool’s features either didn’t work properly or failed to work at all. The CEO of Noble Samurai, Eugene Ware, quickly posted a message to explain the problems, stating:

    “As large portions of Market Samurai currently use Google’s service, this has temporarily broken a range of functionality in Market Samurai.”

    Since Market Samurai sources much of its information from Google, any changes to Google’s policies or algorithms can affect the effectiveness of the keyword research tools and even prevent the tools from working altogether.

    Google has been making a lot of these changes the past few years, which has meant that SEO companies have had to adapt and in some cases even learn new methods to drive search engine traffic to sites. These problems initially forced Market Samurai to move some of its sourcing over to Bing. Market Samurai users were justifiably worried about this, since, while Bing is a good search engine, it really isn’t Google. Most search engine optimization methods focus on Google, since this is still the number one place that people go to when they need to find something online.

    However, the services moved to Bing were not those which would affect the final results of the keyword research as it pertained to Google. Fortunately for Market Samurai, and the hundreds of thousands of people who use it, the technical team at Market Samurai was able to remedy the situation within a few days and this is no longer an outstanding issue. While Google continues to change and update, Market Samurai and other SEO tools like it, must adapt and make changes as well. So far, Eugene Ware and the support team at Market Samurai have been very good at “rolling with the punches” and still provide results that are, in their own words, “devastatingly accurate”. A full Market Samurai review gives more details on the company and its various search engine optimization and keyword research tools.

    A HideMyAss Review video can also help in using market samurai more effectively.

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    Joshua Zamora

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