April 2016

Guangzhou, China, April 28th, 2016 -- HPDragon is one of the best wholesale procurement services, the best Taobao agent that provide excellent services in buying items from Taobao. With real strict policies in buying from China, HPDragon readily offers their services on helping individuals outside of China in shopping high quality Chinese products. HPDragon provides access to the highest quality products of global standards at the cheapest price.

HPDragonis the best Taobao agent that offers wide range international delivery methods that allow shoppers to easily and conveniently get the items they want. As the cheapest Taobao agent, they can deliver the products by ARMAEX, Airmail Express Service and DHL. At the same time, they offer highly secured, real time online payment via Mastercard, Web Money, Paypal, Visa or Qiwi. This makes it possible for a lot of people around the world to get access to wide range Chinese productsand buy from Taobao.

HPDragon also offers unique features that shoppers can take advantage. For dropshippers who want to order from Taobao, they can easily drop ship to their customer with HPDragon. At the same time, when purchasing goods by themselves or a friend, using the forward international shipping is the ideal shipping service HPDragon offers. On the other hand, for first time users of their procurement services, customers can take advantage of free shipping return when they submit for positive review.

HPDragon offers their procurement service to different parts of the world. They are the cheapest Taobao agent with clients from USA, Australia, Europe, Malaysia or Singapore who are positively encouraged to try out the services they have to offer. Resellers, retailers and wholesalers can all try out the many choices that HPDragon readily brings them. Being the best Taobao agent, international customers of the largest Chinese online store will now find it easy to get the products they want.

In affordable costs, worldwide delivery and convenient online shopping, HPDragon makes the best procurement service there is for Taobao customers all over the world. Apart from the usual services, the best thing about HPDragon is that they help customers in inspecting the items and enforcing strict quality controls. This way, they can ensure that every product they sent to all over the world is of the highest, global standards.

These are exactly what elevateHPDragon at the top of the companies that offer assistance to Chinese shopping. Being highly dedicated to quality and expert service, already a lot of customers from all over the world are using their services. With that being the case, HPDragon is all the more excited and eager on improving the kind of service they offer and that is what they promise to all their esteemed customers.


To know more aboutHPDragon, please visit http://www.hpdragon.com/. For inquiries, please call +86-020-82061841 or email at service@hpdragon.com.

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Scottsdale, AZ, April 7th, 2016 -- Speedticketbeaters.com has been in the business of providing beating speeding tickets in all 50 U.S. states, since 2004. But the company has a special fondness for California speeding tickets. Why? Because they have beaten more California speeding tickets than any other website or lawyer in the U.S.

A Speedticketbeaters.com spokesperson told us: “California is the most populous state in the country, and issues the most speeding tickets. But we’ve figured out many rock solid ways to beat California speeding tickets, and get our customers off the hook”.

The spokeswoman went on to say: “Our winning percentage in California is amazingly high. Pretty much every California speeding ticket that comes our way gets beaten, regardless of the speed accused.”

Speedticketbeaters.comhas been preparing speeding ticket defenses for customers, who’ve got speeding tickets, in any of the 50 states (not just California), since 2004.

About SpeedTicketBeaters.com
Speedticketbeaters.com is a website that helps clients with speeding ticket defenses in any of the 50 states of USA. Speedticketbeaters.com provides a free consultation when contacted by a customer with a current speeding ticket.

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United States, April 2nd, 2016 --Otto Productions / Pittsburgh Event Lighting has been used as a respected source for an article about new trends in wedding lighting in the Tribune Review’s "My Wedding Planner, Spring 2016" edition.


Otto Productions, with its related division Pittsburgh Event Lighting, is a leader in the Pittsburgh event industry.

The article focuses on traditional and new trends in event lighting for weddings. Good lighting can transform a venue, and for years, couples have taken advantage of uplighting and other special touches of illumination to make their wedding receptions glow. One thing Gloor advises with uplighting is to use two complementary colors rather than one. That helps prevents the bride from looking like a Smurfette when for instance, she is photographed in her beautiful white dress surrounded by nothing but blue uplighting. Having a two-tone backdrop also helps photograph depth.

Couples now often want the advantage of being able to change the colors throughout the course of the evening. This involves coordinating the entertainment with the lighting. Otto Productions is one of the few companies in the Pittsburgh / Southwest PA area with the ability to perform both tasks with excellence.

One of the newest and biggest trends in lighting is cafe or bistro lighting. Cafe lights are strung (Edison bulbs) across the venue ceiling. They match perfectly with rustic or outdoor tented events. They provide a soft, warm lighting similar to candle lighting. With over 2000 feet of cafe lights, Otto Productions is the area's leading supplier.

Gloor started entertaining and providing event lighting at local schools in the early 1990’s. When a neighbor and friend lost her DJ the day before her wedding, he was already an established school and prom DJ and was happy to be able to save a friend’s wedding. Hundreds of weddings later, his company is one of the most respected entertainment and lighting companies in the Pittsburgh /Southwestern PA area.

During his twenty plus years of experience, Frank Gloor has attended numerous workshops and seminars to continuously improve his craft. While speaking with Frank, he stated that a good way to keep energized is seeing new, talented bands and other performers for inspiration and ideas. Standing still as an entertainer or with technology is, in reality, falling slowly behind.

While interviewing Gloor, he stated, “It is always gratifying to be recognized for commitment to your clients, but the true honor is helping with a client’s plan and to personalize their wedding with unique and creative ideas. It is very satisfying to assist couples in making their wedding dreams come true. It is always an honor to be recognized by the brides and grooms you have helped in the past.” In discussing how Gloor distinguishes himself from other DJs, he provides his original formula:

Creativity + Planning = FUN

Creativity: The spark and key to making your wedding unique and personal.
Planning: The means to have your wishes come true.
FUN: The single most common adjective to describe what most couples want their wedding reception to be.

Wedding receptions should be more than just occasions for fancy decorations, beautiful flowers, elegant formal wear, and delicious food. They should be FUN!

While this is one of the happiest and most joyful times in a couples’ life, it is also one of the most stressful. Gloor explains, “As a couple, you should remember that this is YOUR wedding, not your parents’ or your friends’. There are no do-overs, and this is the only time that this combination of your family and friends will be together to celebrate your marriage. Your wedding is as special and unique as you both are.”

Information about Frank Gloor, Otto Productions, and Pittsburgh Event Lighting can be found at http://djotto.com or by calling 724.417.4567

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Los Angeles, CA, April 2nd, 2016 -- Protecting oneself from electromagnetic fields (EMF) is both more urgent and more common than ever before.

Cell phones, tablets, laptops, body-worn electronics and other everyday devices expose the human body to electromagnetic fields at home and at work. Over time, people are exposed to a vast amount of radiation.

While the full effects of long-term exposure are still being researched, there’s evidence that electromagnetic fields cause headaches, eye strain, fatigue, nausea and overall lack of energy. Cell phones, for example, cause irreversible effects that are similar to micro-wave cooking.

The way to protect oneself from electro-smog is to use EMF protection and cell phone EMF protection devices.

“Many people that contact us already have symptoms. Others want to safeguard their health. And some people are just curious. The market is full of different EMF protection products. This is why it’s important to choose the one that really works,” said (person’s name), (title) of Working Vibes Research, a Los Angeles-based company that develops cutting-edge EMF protection products.

Vortex Bio Shield, a new radiation protector by Working Vibes Research, does EMF protection by filtering and neutralizing these waves that all of us are nowadays exposed to both at home and at work. Working Vibes Research also offers other innovative radiation protectors, such as crystal bracelets and a new cell phone and tablet parking pyramid. The products are available online at www.vortexbioshield.com.


For further information, please visit www.vortexbioshield.com or contact (person’s name), telephone (267) 867 8396, e-mail vortexbioshield@gmail.com

About us:

More and more people are exposed to and suffer from the health effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Working Vibes Research, a Los Angeles-based company dedicated to restoring wellbeing through the development of cutting-edge technologies, has a variety of products designed to shield and protect the body from harmful electromagnetic radiation. The new Vortex Bio Shield is the company’s flagship product.

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Grandville, MI, April 1st, 2016 -- Customers looking for the latest Arts and Crafts will soon be able to purchase Ava and Frank Professional Face and Body Paints by Ava and Frank. Today as a parent it is hard to find paints to use on children or adults that are safe, hypoallergenic and non-toxic! Finally a USA made set was created that can be used with 100% confidence that they are safe and we will be guaranteed smiles apparently. Co-Founder at Ava and Frank releases details of Ava and Frank Professional Face and Body Paints's development.

Ava and Frank Professional Face and Body Paints are designed to appeal specifically to Moms, Crafters, Body Artists, Events Organizers, Fundraisers and includes:

Made with love in USA – This important feature was included because the founder discovered with their own children that, "There are many dangerous cheap imported paints on the USA Market that do not disclose all ingredients properly and that slip through the FDA approved net. Therefore these paints are made and put together in a factory in the USA, not in China. This is great news for the American consumer as it has good old American standards to go with it including a premium quality and well tested product."

In addition to ensuring the consumer is as safe as possible, the brand posses the Highest Child Toy Safety Rating in the USA , no easy feat! There are not a huge amount of face and body paints that get this rating in the USA. To be even more specific make sure you are reading the label clearly and that the claims stand - in this case the paints are Vegan, Hypo Allergeni,c Nut-Free, Paraben-Free, Lead-Free, Lanolin-Free, Latex-Free, Face Paints! So even the most discerning mom or vegan would be able to use theses paints and feel happy about it. Customers who buy Ava and Frank Professional Face and Body Paints should enjoy this feature because If using with children and clients - its as safe as you can get in the cosmetic and toy market and it's gentle on the skin without any allergic reactions. In addition - it supports keeping American families employed. The customers can purchase with confidence, assurance and no stress.

16 Vibrant Concentrated Color Paints including Gold and Silver that create up to 160 designs for faces! – Ava and Frank made sure to make this part of the Arts and Crafts's development as the paints are concentrated and water activated so can go a lot longer than normal paints with a re-sealable, handy, light palette box. Customers will likely appreciate this as it presents value and even includes gold and silver for sparkle whether it be a princess or super hero design!.

Amanda, Founder of the children’s brand, commented,"As a parent I was struggling to find paints I could use on my 3 and 5 year old daughters! Finally I found a gorgeous USA made set that I can use with 100% confidence that they are safe and there will be guaranteed smiles!" When asked about Ava and Frank Professional Face and Body Paints Amanda the Founder said:

"Moms, Kids, Crafters and Professional Face Painters love these paints because they are made in the USA, They're easy to use with fabulous colors, are great value for a premium art product and they come in a re-sealable gorgeous art palette that you can take anywhere!"

This is Ava and Frank's first launch of a new product and they are excited about bringing this high quality complete face and body paint kit to clients and to providing the best customer service possible. They stand by their 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you're not a happy bunny, it's a money back no-risk promise. They are gearing up for Spring right now as it is How to paint Bunny Face time! They are particularly excited about this release because Ava and Frank as a company believe in Pure Protect and Play. Why risk the dangers of toxic cheap imported paints with allergic reactions, smells and stains when you can have SAFE happy in a palette, made in the USA with love by parents and face painting professionals. With the highest child safety rating and the wonderful vibrant colors with easy on easy off formula, all your events, fundraisers and birthday parties will be a blast! Magic up some unlimited happy today with Ava and Frank Face and Body Paints at Ava and frank.com.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at http://www.avaandfrank.com

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: http://www.avaandfrank.com

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