September 2013

Clarksville, TN - There is no such thing as a fail proof plan. Or is there?

Jason Mangrum, who made fortunes as an internet marketer for more than 11 years, walked away from a position paying him upwards of $60,000 a month to develop the Affiliate Domination System,

a program that helps others generate income online ethically, honestly and with integrity.

"I left internet marketing because I was sick and tired of the poor business practices and even deleted my list of 250,539 subscribers, taking my income from $40-60k a month, to zero, and not knowing where my next dollar was going to come from,” said Mangrum, who has been called an internet marketing genius by fellow online marketers and clients.

"It forced me to do something with my true passion of personal development and self-help, so I created my very own marketing system which has grants me a full-time income, while maintaining honesty and integrity, and helping people change their lives for the better."

The Affiliate Domination System is a "done for you" lead generation and sales system designed for affiliates, internet marketers and entrepreneurs who want to get into the giant field of Self-Help, Personal Development and Self-Improvement, or increase their income from their current Self-Help related internet business.

Mangrum, who used his in-depth study of Mind Power, manifesting, Law of Attraction, self-healing and consciousness to write an online bestselling book called Uberman – Almost Super Human, also uses many of the principles from the book in his Affiliate Domination System. What makes Mangrum’s system unique is that it requires no selling of internet marketing products but instead Jason gives his students the ability to build their own list of subscribers, which receive valuable content and endorsements for top quality products and solutions within the areas of Self-Help, Personal Development and Self-Improvement.

Mangrum says, "I want to change the world in a BIG way, and the first step is bringing something real and completely unique to the table folks can actually use to increase their wealth, abundance and prosperity, by helping others transform their lives from the inside-out, in a profound way."

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Saturday, October 26th and Thursday, October 31st 2013 – The W Hollywood is putting on the ultimate Halloween party and everyone is invited. Join us - we dare you -where a mysterious underground universe lingers...Transport to a place where dancing ensues in public spaces. Doors open 9PM-2AM.

W Hollywood turns into a hotel-wide haunted house, with the Station Hollywood and the Living Room playing everything from hip-hop and house to top 40. Put on your most creative costume and head into Hollywood to party all night.(Skimpy) costumes are encouraged.Advance discounted tickets available online at (Saturday) and (Thursday).

Limited amount of discounted presale tickets available and prices will increase soon, so act fast! For more information, visit or call (310) 749-9029. The W Hollywood Hotel is located at 6250 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood.

About W Hollywood Hotel

The W is one of the hottest new locales in the heart of Hollywood. In the W, every guest gets their moment on the red carpet, strut down the catwalk or time in the spotlight. The mix of classic chic with modern glitz and glamour makes the W the perfect nightlife location.

Honolulu, HI - A top foreclosure fraud expert has been framed in retaliation for exposing banks, judges, and lawyers breaking laws and oaths of office in history’s most damaging lending scheme, according to evidence openly presented in the First Circuit Court of Hawaii during an extradition hearing affecting defendant, Anthony Troy Williams.

Williams, defending pro se, made mincemeat of State of Hawaii prosecutors in open court, causing them to reveal they had manufactured a fake fingerprint record with complicity by the FBI in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Nonetheless, Judge Richard Perkins denied Williams’s release on bail and returned him to jail where he has been reportedly assaulted by sheriffs.

“Private Attorney General” Anthony Williams, who pioneered Common Law Offices of America, also caused Judge Perkins to admit in open court that he may not honor his oath to preserve the Constitution of the United States and protect Williams as a sovereign citizen. In fact, the Court made it perfectly clear he was not even aware he had his oath of office on file.

The shocking admissions were among several that occurred on both days of Williams’s extradition hearing (Sept. 18-19, 2013) wherein the question of Williams’s return to Georgia to face allegations of child molestation was to be decided.

Williams shamed Attorney General (AG) David Louie’s team of prosecutors, witnesses, and lead counsel Simeona Mariano, by exposing multiple counts of fraud in “railroading” Williams, evidencing complicity by the FBI that supplied, according to the State’s leading witness, “Williams’s finger prints” supposedly proving Williams committed his first theft at seventeen days of age, while “still in diapers.”

Witnesses on both sides of the gallery were shocked by the prosecution’s “incompetence,” Williams called it, supplementing his assertion of multiple State and Federals laws being broken by the Court and Louie’s leading “expert” responsible for Williams’s “framing.”

Still, the judge did not budge from continuing the case, denying Williams bail, and awaiting a signed order from Governor Abercrombie required by the State’s extradition laws read to the Court by the chained and handcuffed Williams.

Facts in the Case

Encouraged by a gallery of Constitutionalists supporting the defendant, Williams belittled AG Louie for scheming his framing, false arrest, and malicious prosecution, to conceal a corporate banking enterprise damaging millions of American homeowners and taxpayers who are supposed to be protected by several Constitutional amendments.

Williams had been defending victims of foreclosure fraud and eviction threats by the banks in multiple Hawaii courtrooms since June, exercising his right under Congress’s civil rights law Title 42 U.S.C., Section 1988. That legislation, and substantial case law, affords private persons the right to act as “private attorney generals,” and “attorneys-in-fact,” on behalf of poor citizens who cannot afford attorneys, or do not trust attorneys because of re-mortgage deals made “behind closed doors” that often leave defendants in worse financial straits.

Critics of refinancing schemes say the nationwide practice, administered through the courts and lawyers, best reflects “racketeering activities” as defined by law as a monopolistic “judicial banking enterprise” complicit in extortion, threatened property loss, abusive collection practices, and real estate theft, all neglecting Constitutionally-guaranteed due process and trials by juries.

Complaints from multiple State and Federal judges to AG Louie brought Williams under investigation for “practicing law without a license,” a charge that violates the aforementioned Federal civil rights and Constitutional mandates.

Williams’s material evidence, and neglected witnesses, prove the State of Georgia’s molestation warrant stems from a retaliatory complaint filed by Williams’s cousin—a drug addicted police officer and abusive parent who Williams stopped funding, according to William’s affidavit filed with the Court.

Hawaii AG Louie, following several judges’ complaints against Williams, decided to file two charges against him: 1) unlicensed law practice; and 2) securities fraud stemming from affidavits provided by suspected plea bargainers with conflicting interests.

Chained and cuffed, Williams returned from recess on day one claiming he had been physically assaulted, harassed, and racially slurred as a “Nigger” by white Sheriffs Department deputies. Multiple violations of Williams’s “prisoners’ rights” are under investigation by members of the defendants’ community who Williams helped during their troubled times.

More Than a “David v. Goliath” Story

“Williams has busted a judicial enterprise responsible for millions of homeowners losing their Constitutional rights and properties,” said Dr. Leonard Horowitz, an award-winning filmmaker and professional whistleblower who had been investigating Williams’s claims and court procedures for months following his own victimization by foreclosure frauds.

“This is more than a ‘David v. Goliath’ story,” Horowitz explained. “Williams has, at every hearing, monumentally exposed financial fraud and commercial crimes aided-and-abetted by willfully blind lawyers and judges who are complicit in a judicial enterprise called “The Bar” that is breaking U.S. Constitutional guarantees. The Bar private membership organization arguably acts as a monopoly, recklessly, criminally, even treasonously, according to definitions in law. Williams has pointed out that all of this is consistent with racketeering activities by organized crime; simply fulfilling his anti-RICO commission by Congress.”

When Judge Perkins asked Williams, “Do you understand your right to have a lawyer represent you,” and then warned Williams about the strict procedures Williams would need to follow by representing himself, Williams reminded the Court of case law making procedures less stringent for pro se litigants. The judge denied Williams’s pleading.

“I do not ‘understand,’” Williams objected, referencing the judge’s violation of his oath, the Constitution, and common laws fundamental to American life and Hawaii due process.

“Are you on your oath today?” Williams asked Perkins on his second day of questioning.

“No. I just…,” the judge stumbled. “I’ve indicated I understand what you’re saying but whether I agree with it or not is.. is not an issue right now as far as I’m concerned. But you’re.. you’re…you’re position is on the record, [o]kay?”

“That’s how the judge diverted from the most important question Williams asked,” said freelance journalist Sherri Kane previously with Fox News in LA. “Judge Perkins essentially admitted he might break his oath, indicating a total frame job. Prosecutors seemed worse than unprepared and incompetent. They committed criminal contempt of court, and Williams defended brilliantly throughout.”

Williams’s riveting questions caused the State’s leading witness to concede that Louie’s office had manufactured records with the FBI’s complicity in the felony to frame Williams.

Williams repeated, “I’m still not understanding, sir. But that’s mandatory for you to be on the oath of office. That’s put in place to make sure that I don’t get railroaded by the prosecutor. . . . And to make sure that these proceedings are fair, and that they are Constitutional. I mean, I just asked a simple question, sir.

Are you on your oath today? And are you going to uphold your oath to the United States of America . . . to the Constitution of the United States of America?”

“I’m going to do my job to the best of my ability. Let it rest there,” Judge Perkins replied.

To preserve the U.S. Constitution, and protect citizens’ rights, the Courts are required to honor case law and focus on the facts and merits of the case, especially when presented by self-defending non-lawyers (i.e., “pro se” litigants.)

A “High Profile” Case of Monumental Financial/Judicial Crime

Williams’s case is “high profile” because it now requires Governor Abercrombie’s involvement in investigating his appointment of AG David Louie, who has been instrumental in recovering damages from broken lending laws committed by the major banks. Mr. Louie administered all the awards that many consumer advocates condemn as “grossly inadequate,” because the vast majority of “relief” has gone to the “judicial enterprise,” not defrauded homeowners.

The AGs office reported that only $7,911,883 was allotted for Hawaii’s damaged homeowners from “a $1.5 billion payment pool we negotiated and set aside as part of the National Mortgage Settlement” program.

But of that “settlement,” 15% went to “the state judicial system.” $3 million more went to “Legal Aid and its grant partners Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Hawaii . . . ,” and “$2 million to the department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs”—the agency that licenses all professionals in the State except lawyers.

Mr. Williams has made it known that the Bar Association’s exclusive licensing of lawyers conceals an illegal monopoly defrauding citizens and controlling every industry in America on behalf of the banks acting as a concealed mob.

“I’m pleased that the final amount of $1,480 [per defrauded homeowner that applied for compensation] is much higher than the minimum amount we first announced, which was $840,” wrote AG Louie in his press release. The settlement affects only 1,413 homeowners in Hawaii, a fraction of families actually damaged.

“That amounts to only $2,091,240 in virtual ‘hush money’ and ‘bribes’ given to State registered victims of foreclosure fraud, down from originally $25 billion, supposedly granted by the banks to compensate Americans for hundreds of billions of dollars in damages from the organized crime that crashed America’s housing market and economy,” Dr. Horowitz explained.

Despite Mr. Williams’s outstanding defense evidencing the FBI’s complicity in the AG’s office fraud, his testimony that the Georgia warrant originally included him and his son persuaded the judge to proceed cautiously in denying William’s release, even though evidence against him is nil, and the same charges against his son had been dropped in Georgia for lacking evidence.

But Williams challenged the Georgia authorities, knowing the charges against father and son were faked by his malicious cousin. “If they want me, let them come get me,” Williams told his colleagues at the Common Law Offices of America in Honolulu.

So with the Georgia warrant remaining open, with Williams’s acknowledgment of his naming on the outstanding warrant, Judge Perkins ruled that Williams’s identity was sufficiently established to return him to jail, with his release pending a signature from the Governor now ruling over the extradition.



NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: Video evidence of the aforementioned proceedings are published on Revolution Television on Vimeo. Interviews with multiple eye-witnesses can be obtained by contacting Sherri Kane at Dr. Horowitz can be contacted, likewise, by arrangement with Ms. Kane.

Los Angeles, CA - Skin Anonymous will guide readers to the best skin care products that yield the same results as expensive department store brands and specialty products, but at a fraction of the cost. Phenix refers to Skin Anonymous as a “manual - the book will function as a quick-reference guide to the most effective, affordable products and ingredients for skin care, ensuring readers can attain healthy, radiant skin without breaking the budget.

Skin Anonymous will also help acquaint readers with basic principles of skin biology and a reference list of easily attained products and natural supplemental ingredients. With the knowledge contained in Skin Anonymous, readers will be able to take control of personal skin care rather than relying on expensive products and advertisements for results and education. By expanding readers’ knowledge of how to obtain natural ingredients that can optimize inexpensive products, daily regimens can be enhanced without costly treatments or products. Skin Anonymous will also empower readers to formulate their own masks, serums, and skin tightening treatments to elevate skin health and radiance. Though no how-to manual can promise perfect skin, Skin Anonymous will elevate skin health and personal empowerment in skin care without wasting money on expensive products and spa treatments.

Skin Anonymous is available for on Amazon for $17.96 for Amazon Prime subscribers for 9.95 for Kindle users.


About Andre Phenix
Andre Phenix is a cosmetic chemist with over 15 years of experience. Phenix has worked with boutique-scale businesses and as a private label formulator. Phenix has an extensive knowledge of chemistry and beneficial skin care ingredients, and he maintains a passion for determining the key ingredients for the best skin care results. He has formulated Ayurvedic products for India’s marketplace as well as his own soy-based line of cosmetics.

Phenix hopes that Skin Anonymous will encourage readers to take advantage of his knowledge and experience, and take skin care into their own hands.

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Getting a perfect convertible car seat for your little one can be a little bit hectic and sometimes you need all the information you need to pick the best one. There are tips on how to choose the best convertible car seat and some of these tips should help you go a long away throughout your child’s development and growth time span during the first two years. In a majority of cases the child can even use one infant car seat for up to 18 months but that is if you pick the seat well.

Convertible models allow you to switch the seat from rear- to forward-facing when your infant becomes a toddler. This saves you the expense of buying another seat. And also the higher rear-facing weight capacities of these seats allow you to help keep larger babies in the safer rear-facing orientation till age two.

Some of these tips choose Convertible Car Seat:

Tip 1: Car Seat requirements: It is important to note that every car model has specific requirements for convertible car seats. This means that measurements do matter a lot as well as the infant’s car seat weight. Choosing the right height and weight helps to avoid having a baby car seat that will end up compromising on the child’s safety and the general car ergonomics. In other words, before picking the baby’s car seat just make sure it matches with the convertible car seat requirements.

Tip 2: Great Recommendations: This refers to getting recommendations from parents with older kids or with kids like yours on the best convertible car seats for your little one. In fact this is the best place to ask, “what is the best convertible car seat” they will share all the experiences they have had with particular products and share some of the best brand names to get the convertible car seats. Therefore you should have no issues getting the most from these friends.

Tip 3: Visit Reputable Websites with Information on convertible cars: These websites have been set up with the main goal of identifying and exposing consumer products that have had the best star ratings from customers and products that have have been recalled. In a number of cases you will also get convertible car seats that are on special offers or up for sale.

Tip 4: Safety: This is the most important thing you must be consider.Choose the big brand and company ,like Graco ,Britax,Recaro. They have many safety patent and experience.

Tip 5: Reviews: Yes, reviews are an ideal platform for guiding you on tips for chosing the best convertible car seat. Reviews will assist you in knowing particular flaws or particular attributes of a particular car seat before buying it. A number of people have found reviews to be quite insightful and informative hence making their decision making easier.Choose the top rating and best seller.

Tip 6: Seats that work well with your Car: For instance you have a Sedan SUV model but the car seat you would like to get may only be suitable for a Four Wheel drive. Therefore, this means that not all car seats are suitable for all car models. As mentioned earlier a car seat should be picked based on height and weight requirements of the particular car meaning the car seat could have the right height but not the right weight or vice versa. For those who would like a clearer idea on how to go about this there are websites on cars or car seats that offer tips on which car seat would be most appropriate for particular car models.

Tip 7: Budgeting: Well, working under a tight budget is quite understandable where even with careful spending there are still concerns on whether it would be possible to get products that are very budget friendly. On the other hand there are undisputable reasons on why you need a convertible seat belt so making your budget more flexible means looking for a car seat that can at least cost less than the one you had in mind and can still meet all the relevant requirements for your car seat.

Tip 8: The size Choose the comfort: Be sure that the car seat will fit into the back seat of your vehicle. Occasionally, parents have had to return car seats which did not fit into the back seat while the front seat was in its furthest position.

Tip 9: Test the seats: A number of stores will let you test your car seat on the car and see how well it fits. Some of these seats may end up being too tall for your car such that it would end up blocking your back window. Some car seats are simply unfriendly to a car model’s ergonomics making it necessary to know the kind of car seats that are ideal for you car model. In some cases, not all seats look like the car seat on a site’s display page meaning you cannot bank all your hopes on whatever is displayed on a particular website.

Tip 10:Ease of Installation: How tough is it to properly install this seat in your vehicle? If you will frequently switch the car seat between various automobiles, then you definitely wish to ascertain that installation isn’t as well complicated.

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Jennifer Montgomery, a celebrated Key West (Florida) street and Mallory Square Sunset Celebrations artist, is accepting body painting appointments for the upcoming Fantasy Fest.

Fantasy Fest is an annual 10 day festival that takes place at the end of October in Key West, FL. During the Fest, body painting is a very popular theme, alongside beads, parties, and whole lots of fun.

Since body painting is very popular during the event, patrons are usually advised to book appointments in advance. This is to ensure that all willing customers get the proper amount of time and service needed to pull off a successful body paint image.

Body painting, just like tattoos (temporary or permanent) is a form of body expression. Where tattoos may last for years, body paint will usually stay on for a few hours. For the most part, body paint has been a preserve of festivals such as Fantasy Fest, and gives participants the chance to have their choice designs painted on them in colors they like. For you, the opportunity to be body painted by one of the best artists is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

For such events as the Fantasy Fest, Jennifer Montgomery uses a special kind of paint, that’s suitable for use on the face and body. Due to her experience in the field, you should rest assured that washing off the paint will be an easy task, and that you shouldn’t fear any allergic reactions. At any point before the appointment, you are welcome to ask questions and learn as much as you can about the whole process. Jennifer is more than willing to answer your queries and alleviate any concerns you have.

Apart from choosing body paint for festivals, you can have your body painted specifically for a photo shoot. The body paint adds a unique and artistic flair to the photographs, ensuring you get to see a side of yourself you wouldn’t have. With body paint, the photos stand out. Fashion shows are also a great place to showcase body paint, where the paint plays to the theme of the show. For models, this is a great way to stand out from the competition.

Many have had Jennifer body paint them, with the artistry and flair of the job overwhelming them. As The Little Rock Foundation says, “Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to paint faces at our holiday party … they turned out beautiful!” and Kim from PA, “thank you … for an outstanding job!”

Initially, Jennifer Montgomery started out as CrzayFaces Face Painting, dedicated to face painting gigs for birthday and theme parties in the Philadelphia area. As she grew her talents and creativity, so did her ability to take on much complex tasks. CrazyFaces has now grown to offer more than just face painting, and services now include airbrush tattoos, airbrush t-shirts, body paint, and henna application for any style party or event. More to that, Jennifer’s clientele has expanded to include those from the Philadelphia Tri-State area as well as South Florida.

Aside from business, Jennifer is an easy going, creative, and likes children. Her life revolves around creating art through paint, and she is happy she found her calling in life.

Should you wish to make an appointment during Fantasy Fest, make sure to include as much details as possible, mainly regarding the style, design, and color of the body paint you want. That way, Jennifer will be in a better position to capture your thoughts down to the last stroke.

Media Contact:
Jennifer Montgomery
Crazyfaces Face Painting

CrookServers provides enterprise level dedicated server hosting at competitive prices and is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.Totally reliable, and in complete control, CrookServers makes its premium performance available to Bitcoiners in every corner of the world. is built on an infrastructure that includes: optical fibres network connected in double safe circulation; IP multihomed network passing through 3 independent transit providers; multiple peering through peering points in Paris, London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. The total bandwidth of the network is 120Gbps.

Pick CrookServers and you won’t be stuck with a sluggish, over-sold network. The uplink of each switch is connected to the distribution router with a bandwidth of 1000Mbps. Bitcoiners can choose from 32G, 64G and 128G dedicated servers, all of which come with 24/7 monitoring, free system re-installs, free manual reboots, and full root access.

They offer cloud server packages in 25GB, 50GB, 100GB, and 200Gb denominations. All cloud packages come with 4GB of vRAM, unmetered premium bandwidth, VMware® ESXi virtualization, ICMP protection, UDP protection and TCP synflood protection. Cloud packages are available for Linux or Windows.

Every domain registered through CrookServers comes with over £100 worth of free services, including two email accounts, mail forwarding, privacy protection, domain theft protection, domain forwarding, and lifetime DNS management. servers are up and running 99.9% of every month. Once the first payment has been made virtual private servers and dedicated servers are set up within 24 hours. Techs are on site at the data center 24.7. Support and sales staff are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (GMT) Monday through Friday but guarantee a response within 24 of a query.Proxies are allowed on the servers but only private/authenticated/protected proxies. Torrent sites are allowed. However, you will be given 24 hours notice to remove the files if a DCMA notice is received.

Every package comes with free: reinstallation of the server; personalized reverse; rescue system; 100GB FTP backup. They guarantee bandwidths of 100Mbps & 1Gbps. Soon, CrookServers will offer SSL certs. CrookServers’ decision to accept Bitcoin is another sign that our community is growing larger and more diverse.

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The Bitcoin business boom continues to populate cyberspace with new entities. The latest enterprise to be launched will be welcomed with a hearty cheer from Bitcoin speculators who have been clamoring for more diversity in Bitcoin trading options. is a new Bitcoin trading platform that allows speculators and Bitcoiners worldwide to trade Bitcoin for US dollars. CEO Sime Bakic encourages one and all, experienced and novice to “Trade Bitcoins like a pro.”

Bakic entices traders with a low flat trading fee of just 0.29%. “Bitcoin speculation is going to be a very competitive industry and we are ready to compete,” says Bakic, from his headquarters in Split, Croatia.

As everyone knows, Bitcoin is a volatile currency. Traders at can insulate themselves from harrowing declines in Bitcoin value with preset stop-loss orders. Traders can also preset stop limit orders to enter the market above or below the current market price in order to trade breakouts. Given the present helter-skelter reality of Bitcoin price movements, small or vast fortunes can be made or squandered in a Split second. Speculators need to be able to strike with the speed of cobra on performance enhancing drugs. BitKonan enables that with its lightning fast rapid order entry system. is backed by the registered Croatian company RES REI J.D.O.O, Bakic has used venture capital to hire a brilliant team of programmers. These programmers have developed the trading platform in-house, including BitKonan’s API. Every aspect of BitKonan has been designed with the needs of day trader's in mind; one of BitKonan's co-owners has over a decade of experience trading on mainstream stock and commodity exchanges such as the CME. NYMEX and DAX. This experience has been turned to the task of delivering the best possible trading experience at BitKonan.

The finer details regarding BitKonan’s API can be found here. Answers to FAQs can be found here.

Bakic is very excited about the BitKonan Bitcoin trading platform and vows to “bring higher standards to Bitcoin trading.” As the Bitcoin boom continues unabated other trading platforms will certainly be established. But they will face stiff competition from the likes of Bakic; with BitKonan's professionalism, security and ease of use setting it apart from the competition and making a real contribution to the liquidity of the global Bitcoin ecosystem.

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In May 2013 was launched; a provably fair online Bitcoin Casino platform offering a range of 100% original proprietary in house Bitcoin games. The online Bitcoin gaming platform is unique in that the games have been developed in-house exclusively for - having never been seen elsewhere. Leveraging the unique qualities of Bitcoin anyone worldwide can place wagers in Bitcoin and withdraw their winnings to their Bitcoin wallet with ease. Due to the unique games on offer, provably fair technology, generous affiliate program, and the professionalism of the platform 777Coin has been steadily rising in popularity month after month since its launch. has some of the most original and highest paying provably fair slots in the online Bitcoin gaming space. Current slots include the in-house developed Bits & Bars and Suits & 7's slots. In the Suits & 7's slots players can win big with the original 4 level progressive jackpot system; the slot also features a bonus game, multi-line betting, free spins and much more. Bits & Bars is the second flagship slots game featuring a counter bonus game, free spins and very high payouts.

Jewels & Gems is a new original provably fair slot game which has just been released. It features higher stakes and a gem collector; the game also has a Gem store where players can purchase a bonus game. Jewels & Gems is played by moving around a board - similar to Plinko and movements have a 50% chance of going left or right. Huge Bitcoin winnings can be made if a player manages to move in their desired direction for up to 14 turns in a row. The game also features “super coins” filling the entire wheel, and many other never before seen features.

Also on offer is Bit Boxes; a game offering unprecedented flexibility, enabling players to choose the number of bets and number of prizes. Satoshi Slider is a unique game where players slide their way to victory and can win over 60 000 times their initial bet instantly - players can win up to 60 000 times their original bet in Bitcoin, one of the highest rates in the industry. All games are provably fair ensuring the player has the correct odds of winning every time. is actively developing many more proprietary games which will continue to be added over the coming weeks and months.

The gaming platform also features an innovative and generous Bitcoin gaming affiliate program. Not only will affiliates earn a share of the house profits from any players who are referred, if a referred player wins a jackpot the affiliate will also earn a share of the jackpot winnings. This unique Bitcoin gambling affiliate program has the potential to earn Bitcoin affiliates substantial rewards for promoting 777Coin's offerings.

Positioning itself as an accessible gaming platform, is very open to receiving feedback from players - if they receive enough requests or if an idea is particularly innovative they will implement the player's requests. The interface is constantly being upgraded; a slider was recently placed on the site for all of the games improving navigability and ease of use. This is just one more way 777Coin has an edge over the competition in the Bitcoin gaming space.

With its innovative affiliate program, in-house proprietary games, provably fair technology and openness with its players; 777Coin is rapidly carving out a niche for itself in the online Bitcoin gaming space. As the online Bitcoin gambling industry continues to explode worldwide is well positioned to emerge as one of its key players.

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In thirty short days, BetCoin ™ Circle has achieved the impossible by processing over 200,000 bets and paying out an astonishing 8,000 bitcoins (over $1 million) to users. Instead of the house edge and win odds being a well-guarded secret as with traditional fiat currency in both online casinos and brick-and-mortar casino establishments, BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network offers complete transparency with win odds and house advantage for various casino games clearly stated, to make sure that players are not misled. There are no empty promises of sign-up "bonuses" that you can't really cash out and there's no need for any cheap marketing tricks - fully transparent provably fair casino games with a low house edge is the way to go. BetCoin ™ Circle's RTP is 98.35%: 4% higher than traditional casino roulette, and the game has also just seen major upgrades.

What is BetCoin ™ doing to appeal to the next generation of online gamers? BetCoin ™ Circle is a highly user-interactive casino game. With a great-looking wheel and super slick game animations, players are on the edge of their seat waiting for it to stop on the winning multiplier to win huge amounts of bitcoins. Players choose from an assortment of different game levels, ranging from 2x to 25x and personalize their online game experience to match even the most luxurious, high-roller Las Vegas casino.

The CTO responded to the wave of new players with a massive upgrade to the internal system of the game. The wheel spins more smoothly, the graphics are more crisp, and there have been radical additions to improve overall user experience. The first and most important of these is the newly designed, patented security system. “Well, in terms of security, you can't go wrong with adding an extra layer or two just to make sure users feel safe and that the system is better protected from malicious players. Online casinos, especially ones that use bitcoin, should already be extremely secure, but our system makes it even more so,” says BetCoin's ™ CTO.

Apart from tripled-down security, unified league play for all games and reward points have also been added. “Competitive gaming in online casinos is something I'm extremely happy to give to our players. I don't want our games to be stagnant like others offered; my mission is to constantly engage our users and show them BetCoin ™ Entertainment Network's drive to bring them the best online bitcoin casino experience available. Gaming is our passion, and we aim to give users the chance to experience how much we love creating games while they play them,” adds the CTO. With a live feed of all bets, it is also possible to match wagers with other players, spurring them on to see who wins bitcoin prizes first. And the more a player bets, the higher their league rank will become. With six leagues (brass through diamond), users have the ultimate control over their bitcoin gaming experience.

Gamers around the world have rocketed BetCoin ™ games to the top of this list of online bitcoin casinos. The BetCoin ™ Entertainment Network's amazing drive to deliver exciting new ways to play continues to attract new users to the world of online bitcoin casinos. BetCoin ™ has promised to give their users the prime bitcoin gaming and education portal available. With these new upgrads and the launch of BetCoin ™ Wiki, which adds a whole new meaning and a resource-rich educational dimension to the bitcoin online entertainment sector, they are doing just that.

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The MMA Conditioning Association (MMACA) located at, world's largest association for martial arts fitness and conditioning today completed four years of existence and operations. The association gives a cutting edge education, a certification of distinction, and business skills for financial success. More than 1,000 coaches have received certification from the association.

Speaking on the occasion, a representative of the association said, “This is our fourth year in industry. We have become world's largest association dedicated to martial arts fitness and conditioning in a short span of just four years. He further added, “We still have a long way to go.”

According to the sources, MMA Conditioning Association has trained numerous UFC champions, elite kickboxing and boxing competitors, and jiu jitsu practitioners. Some of the services offered by MMA Conditioning Association include MMA fitness training, coaching, certification mixed martial arts strength and conditioning and MMA business and marketing among others. The association teaches everything that is needed to operate a highly profitable MMA Conditioning Business. MMACA also offers online degree programs for martial arts coaches and sport psychology experts. One can achieve the goal set for the career with the help of knowledge and expertise related to martial arts.

When contacted, Dr. John Spencer Ellis, CEO of the association said, “I am so proud of our certified coaches. They have proven to the world that they have the skills to train the most elite champions in martial arts.”

The MMACA has trained staff of strength coaches, kinesiologists, physical therapists, educators, sports psychologists, exercise physiologists, biomechanists, dieticians, massage therapists and business professionals who are joined with world’s top boxers, Muay Thai fighters, American kickboxers, wrestlers, MMA fighters and coaches and BJJ fighters. The MMA Conditioning Association has also united with Wexford University to present the most effective education and professional credentials. The training principles offered by the association are simply applied to the fitness devotee who wants a powerful and effective MMA workout. The association also teach many other aspects including conventional and internet marketing, use of social media and details related to building multiple streams of income to name of a few.

About MMA Conditioning Association
The MMA Conditioning Association is a reputed association for martial arts fitness and conditioning. The association is related with MMA certification division of NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association).

Media Contact:
Phone: (877) 348-6692

Fort Lauderdale, FL. - Premier Hotel Realty announced today that it closed the sale of Captain’s Quarters, a 27 room hotel located directly on the sand in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida for $7.3m.

Premier Hotel Realty marketed the property on behalf of the sellers, A & M Resorts, LLC. The purchaser of the property was a foreign investment group that recognized the potential of South Florida’s hospitality market and the unique character of the property and its location. The hotel was offered unencumbered by any brand or management agreement. Further terms were not disclosed.

Captain’s Quarters is situated on the east side of El Mar Drive, directly on the Atlantic Ocean in the charming town of Lauderdale by the Sea. Constructed as two properties, joined together to operate as one hotel, the property features a pool with deck and tropical landscaping leading to the beach and ocean.

Premier Hotel Realty’s agents working on the sale were Rick Tobin and Dan Tedesco.

Broker, Rick Tobin said, "The sale of Captain’s Quarters demonstrates the continued strength and desirability of South Florida as one of the world’s most highly sought after hotel markets. This is a great example of a buyer recognizing the ability to rehabilitate a property that has an incredible location and the potential to create significant value."

Premier Hotel Realty, lead by broker Rick Tobin, is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and globally markets a wide variety of commercial properties. For more information contact Premier at or call 954-892-5580

Media Contact:
Premier Hotel Realty, LLC

Vancouver, WA (September 17, 2013) – Vancouver Laser Skin Care Clinic is excited to launch the latest skin tightening technology: Ultherapy. It is the only FDA-approved non-surgical treatment to lift and tighten skin on the face, neck, brow, chin, cheeks, and jowls, with no down time.

Vancouver Laser Skin Care Clinic offers a wide variety of aesthetic services, including facials, cosmetic injections, face/leg vein removal, laser treatments (such as Cutera, Titan and Fraxel), and Ultherapy. Only trusted, medical grade, high quality skincare products are used or offered, such as Epionce, Obagi, and Jane Iredale, as well as the finest quality Mineral makeup line.

Lori Keller, owner of Vancouver Laser Skin Care Clinic, stated, “I opened Vancouver Laser Skin Care Clinic to bring my 20 years’ experience and technology to Vancouver, educating and approaching each client’s skin care needs with the latest technology in non-invasive skin care treatments and products. I love bringing out the natural beauty in each person to make them look and feel their very best without surgery or major transformations. I believe in simple, quick treatments that bring out great results. Ultherapy is the newest natural and gradual way of tightening and lifting skin. If you have been considering laser skin care treatments, now is a great time to give it a try. During the month of September, the clinic is offering a buy one, get one free special on most laser treatments including Fraxel.”

Keller continued, “We are a small clinic where we remember your name, your story, and your experiences. Our clients are members of our community and we work, play, and shop right alongside them. To support our close-knit community, Vancouver Laser Skin Care Clinic has supported Shared Hope, and has held numerous fundraising events benefiting local women and children’s shelters. We have also enjoyed holding several charity benefits for families in need.”

To find out more about Ultherapy or other services offered by Vancouver Laser Skin Care Center, call 360-823-0795. Or, visit Vancouver Laser Skin Care Center online at


About Vancouver Laser Skin Care Clinic
Vancouver Laser Skin Care Clinic has been serving the greater Vancouver, Washington area since 2004. The clinic specializes in non-surgical solutions to skin care problems, including laser treatments, injections, peels, facials, microdermabrasion, and more. Top-quality cosmetics and skincare products are also available for purchase.

Media Contact:
Lori Keller, Owner
Vancouver Laser Skin Care Clinic
Phone: 360-823-0795

The explorer is to be strong depending upon the company. You need to participate in the forces with the corpulent comrades to conquer the dangers that creep around the darkest notch of the kingdom. It is to overcome the troubled houses and burial grounds to abandoned mines and the hidden hamlets. There is a malicious force that is lingering in the Black Shroud. The dead have gone restless in this bottomless interment site. The evil here is to be cleansed as the souls of the departed may have known the peace once more. Buy final fantasy xiv gil at and make your character stronger with the proper weapons, armors and gears. Grinding Gil seems a time consuming task and tedious in nature in the gameplay of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. Buy ffxiv gil at your seems a useful time-saving act. The grotto is considered a safe heaven for the bandits that want to keep that is beyond the reach of justice. Nevertheless, these acquisitive scoundrels have been encouraged by stronger new allies and they can plan to direct the Eorzea seas. There is a horrible blemished during the Calamity. There is a fallen splendor that has taken sanctuary here. There is none that can gaze on her twisting figure. The whispering tells that she has compensated a terrible price to regain what was acquired from her. Just buy ffxiv gil at your in the most affordable cost.

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Article source:

With rising concerns about the privacy of social networking, many will be looking to invest some Bitcoin in Global Village; the world's first Bitcoin social networking site. Global Village is in the beta testing phase and the people at (no bullsh*t) say the site will boast military grade encryption for the security of their users' data. Anyone worldwide can already log on and create an account in seconds; using the encrypted Global Village to create groups, post status updates and send encrypted messages within the social network. Only Global Village members who have an encryption key will be able to read users' shared messages and the system will be built without a master key.

“Our security specialists are world class encryption experts,” says Konen Saarin, the Icelandic company’s point man. “They mix and match encryption formulas, such as AES256, RSA, ECDH521, until we can guarantee that not even the dark lords of cyber spying will be able to see so much as a single picture of your cat.”

In the future Global Village inhabitants will be able to re-share their encrypted messages to Twitter and Facebook. Saarin adds, “Our digital kevlar covers apps, iOS and Android, as well as our site.”

NoBS takes privacy very seriously. “Privacy first,” is the company’s promise. Thus, they not only shield Global Village members, they also host a ‘privacy cookbook’. The site’s inhouse blogger, Tomorrow, reviews security products and gives tips on how to shield yourselves from the omnipresent, all-seeing eyes in the skies. The blog has a section called Through the Grapevine, where you will find links to great articles related to security or Bitcoin.

Global Village will not backup customers' entries. “If you want to remove something from your account, just hit delete and forget about it, because it’s gone forever,” says Saarin. “Your entries are yours, after all.”

The Icelanders have opened a directory of bitcoin scams, because they are great believers in the cryptocurreny and will do whatever they can to keep scammers out of the community. In addition to all that, they also maintain what they believe to be the largest bitcoin business directory on the Internet. They have partnered with some of the websites listed in the privacy cookbook and the business directory. On some of the listings in the directory readers can find discount codes to receive massive discounts or extensions of services.

The price of Internet privacy is eternal vigilance and Saarin says, “You will see improvements and additions as often as possible and the development will never stop.” The world's first Bitcoin social networking site is now live and anyone worldwide can use the Global Village right now to create groups, post status updates and send encrypted messages within the social network.

To see NoBs for yourself please go to:

Media Contact:
Name: Konen Saarin

In June 2013 Cryptogenic Bullion (CGB) was launched: a decentralized, peer 2 peer, blockchain based currency morphed from the Bitcoin protocol. The number of professional online services incorporating Cryptogenic Bullion is growing at a rapid rate: and the currency is currently trading for approximately 500 CGB per 1 BTC. A fork of the virtual currency Novacoin, Cryptogenic Bullion is designed to be a rare, interest bearing, peer-to-peer virtual commodity with the same decentralised characteristics of Bitcoin but with some key differences. Cryptogenic Bullion's innovations include an accelerated decrease of the mining subsidy, almost immediate transaction time and 2% annual interest eligible for Bullion that has been stationary in a user's wallet for at least 30 days. Cryptogenic Bullion has been well received in the digital currency ecosystem. The official Facebook page has over 4,500 fans, and the official CGB website ( has been translated into Dutch and Chinese.

The team behind Cryptogenic Bullion is comprised of digital currency enthusiasts with many years of experience in the Bitcoin ecosystem and beyond; having spent many years mining, programming and working on Internet technology projects. Unique among alternative cryptocurrency teams, CGB also has many years of experience in business management and marketing, ensuring CGB carves out a significant niche for itself in the digital currency ecosystem. Much like Satoshi Nakamoto of Bitcoin, the lead developer of CGB has remained anonymous – but the anonymous developer tackles problems and maintains the integrity of the CGB protocol. This is extremely important for the longevity of the project. Elambert, the founder of Cryptogenic Bullion, is a married man with an 8-month-old son who both works as a data analyst and is also extensively involved in other online businesses and pursuits. Managing the marketing and project development aspects of CGB is Mercury Stills, an entrepreneur with a passion for emerging technologies who founded his first successful company in the year 2000. More info on CGB's development can be found on their website:

Team CGB is currently pursuing an aggressive marketing campaign via social networking sites like Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Sina, Baidu, Sohu and more. Moreover, Team CGB will initiate a billboard campaign across Europe, starting in Nicosia, Cyprus later this year. The more people who are aware of Cryptogenic Bullion and the financial and business innovation provided by virtual commodities and virtual currencies, the more people will embrace the unprecedented possibilities inherent to the emerging disruptive technology of global digital currencies. In this way Cryptogenic Bullion's extensive marketing not only benefits the CGB project but the entire cryptocurrency space itself.

The Winklevoss twin's intention to offer the world's first Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) could be the precursor to a diverse range of alternative virtual currency ETFs. As an interest bearing, relatively rare, virtual commodity, Cryptogenic Bullion will be perfectly positioned to attract fund manager’s capital, which will generate massive potential for large long-term increases in value. Team CGB is currently reaching out to investors and business owners who may want to diversify some of their BTC holdings into CGB to potentially remedy price volatility. Any individual who contacts team CGB to incorporate Cryptogenic Bullion into their business processes will be warmly received.

With the professionalism and vision of the Cryptogenic Bullion's core team, this digital commodity is operating in a different paradigm to the majority of alternative cryptocurrencies. The CGB protocol's primary innovations of a 2% annual interest rate, and its relative rarity and faster transaction time as opposed to Bitcoin also bode well for the digital currency's future. A diverse ecosysem is a healthy one, and due to its unique properties Cryptogenic Bullion may well become one of the cryptocurrencies of choice in the emerging digital currency investment space.

Official Cryptogenic Bullion Website:

Cryptogenic Bullion Services and Exchanges:

CGB on Twitter:

CGB on Facebook:

Media Contact:
Name: Mercury Stills
For the technically minded here are the CGB protocol details:

- Proof of Work/Proof of Stake Hybrid.
- 60 second block target.
- 5 confirms per transaction.
- Mining difficulty re-targets every 2 blocks. Accelerated re-targets are utilized.
- 10 Bullion per block reward, halves every 50,000 blocks until reward of ~0.01 is reached were it will remain forever.
- 2% annual interest eligible for coins which have been stationary in a user's wallet for at least 30 days
- Default P2P Port: 7695
- Default RPC Port: 8395
- ~2% Annual PoS
-Similar to Litecoin, Cryptogenic Bullion utilizes a Scrypt based cryptographic algorithm for proof of work.

Saturday, September 14, 2013 - DIDDY Hosts THE FIGHT PARTY at Rain Nightclub Las Vegas inside the Palms Casino located at 4321 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89103. Doors open 9pm to 2am.

Join the man himself DIDDY for a very special Mayweather vs. Canelo Post-Fight Party this fight weekend Saturday September 14, 2013! DIDDY will be hosting THE FIGHT AFTER-PARTY at Rain Nightclub inside the Palms Casino & Resort Las Vegas for what is guaranteed to be one of the hottest events of this Mexican Independence Day & Fight Weekend!

Ladies join the DIDDY Fight Party guest list and enjoy EXPRESS ENTRY! Sorry Ladies, but everyone will pay cover to see DIDDY! Advance discounted tickets available online at

Limited amount of presale tickets available and prices will increase soon, so act fast! For more information, contact VIP host Jamie Barren (310) 749-9029, or online

The emerging Bitcoin gaming industry can be divided into two categories: the quick and the dead. A recent redesign of has made the platform the quickest online casino dedicated to digital currency.

Prior to launching PrimeDice, founding partner Stunna was baffled by how slow SatoshiDice was, “You have to wait for a confirmation on every bet.” Stunna and his partners saw an opportunity and pounced. They launched, which takes no confirmation deposits, on May 18, 2013.The site was registering 100,000 bets per day in the beginning. An overhaul, which allows gamblers to bet an unlimited number of rolls, has resulted in a tenfold increase in daily bets.

Multilingual PrimeDice operates in English, Chinese (simplified), German, Spanish, French and Italian for players using more than 50,000 registered accounts. At some point in the near future, will offer blackjack, roulette, slots and 0% house edge PVP.

At its inception, PrimeDice took in approximately 1000+ bitcoins worth of wagers per day ($120,000). The site’s streamlined redesign has boosted daily totals to 3000 – 4000 bitcoins bet per day.

In addition to automated rolling, Stunna attributes PrimeDice's incredible acceleration to a number of features, “We offer the lowest house edge (1%) We also have the highest paying bitcoin faucet (0.0001 per minute). is provably fair; all bets are verifiable.”

Stunna is proud of PrimeDice's simplicity, “Our site is the most intuitive in the world when it comes to gambling bitcoins.” It’s also one of, or perhaps the least invasive, “Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t require gamblers to register user names and passwords. Just enter a name and you can make deposits immediately.”

“Some sites even require you to give them an email address,” says the perplexed Stunna. While it’s true that in space no one can hear you scream, in cyberspace the NSA can pick up even the faintest whisper, and in the post-Snowden world that’s, “an absolute turnoff to Bitcoin users who are very concerned about their privacy,” quips Stunna. has experienced phenomenal growth since launch – with over 100,000 Bitcoin having been wagered since May 2013. At current exchange rates this equates to over $15 Million USD of turnover for the online Bitcon casino over this three month period.

The largest potential black hole on the horizon for the global Bitcoin gambling industry is compliance, according to Stunna. “Bitcoin casinos will have to work with governments throughout the world to reach compliance.” He predicts that online gambling, “will return, in full force, within the next five years, to all of the USA.”

Should Stunna’s prediction come true, and should the US government accept Bitcoin as ‘real money’, Stunna says that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that Bitcoin online gaming platforms will triumph over space shuttle era online casinos, “because they offer significant advantages.”

To learn more about Primedice please go to:
Media Contact:
Name: Stunna

Hollywood, CA - A tribute album is in the works for Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. Proceeds from the album sales will go to the "Lisa Lopes" Foundation. Multiplatinum Billboard Producer Andrew Lane will be leading the project along with Reigndrop Lopes, sister of Lisa & Celebritypreneur PR Boutique based in Los Angeles.

Artists are already coming forward to lend their voices, including, Latin Grammy Winner Miguelito Valenzuelas, Tony Terry, & Rapper Shawnna are rumored along with Up & Coming Music Artist Kimberly Jessy/Jesika, and a host of other names are swirling as the album and key people are being put together.

Andrew Lane is a pop-hip hop-R&B songwriter and record producer. He was born in San Diego, California.

Lane has worked with artists such as Backstreet Boys and Irene Cara, As a producer and songwriter, Lane has received gold and platinum accreditations for his work. He also worked on the platinum-accredited records High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Disneymania 4, and Manny Fresh.

2012 Billboard Awards Winning producer Andrew Lane has teamed up with MP3 Music Awards to offer US Demo Recording contracts to the 2012 BUA Award Winner - Best Unsigned Act.

Andrew is also a consultant for "Americas Got Talent".

The development is in early stages but will be completed before the yearly successful Left Eye Music Festival being held in Atlanta, Ga.

The Lisa Lopes Foundation will proudly present the 2nd Annual Left Eye Music Fest, September 28th 2013 at the Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center at 3181 Rainbow Drive in Decatur, GA. The family-fun event will fuse and celebrate Left Eye's original style and eclectic taste in music, fashion & and fun. Open to the public, the 1-day festival featuring a fan talent showcase, and star studded tribute concert, was proceeded by the invitation-only Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Press Reception and Legacy Celebration for her birthday. Proceeds from the exclusive reception and Left Eye Music Fest will benefit the programs and initiatives of the Lisa Lopes Foundation. For more tickets & details go to

The Left Eye Music Fest (#LEMF) was envisioned by Lisa's younger siblings; Ronald and Reigndrop Lopes to commemorate the legacy of the critically acclaimed artist. The annual event will rally fans, arts and entertainment and national communities to offer a philanthropic & interactive live media experience to the masses, in Lisa's honor.

"Lisa is a musical icon and it's only fitting that we remember her talent and contributions with a creative showcase of all the things my sister loved; music, fashion, food and family," said Reigndrop. "It will be an event to remember!"

For additional info regarding the Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Music Fest visit:

Media Contact:
Celebritypreneur PR

London, 07/26/2013 - Finest Workers UK Ltd., a London event promoter and subsidiary of Finest Workers, is proud to announce the upcoming P Festival scheduled for August 2014. The two-day event is a series of musical concerts aimed specifically at the UK Pinoy community.

A company spokesperson said plans for the festival are coming along nicely, making the first ever P Festival something the Pinoy community will hopefully embrace for years to come. The event will be similar to other well-known UK music events like the V Festival, Glastonbury and RockNess. The one big difference however, is that the inaugural P Festival will be free to attend.

"Finest Workers UK Ltd. is promoting and producing an event similar to the V Festival, Glastonbury and RockNess formats," the spokesman said, "but our main target is the Filipino community."

Although more established festivals tend to run over the course of several days, the first year of the P Festival will be two day event. Right now, the plans call for the first concert to begin at 10 AM with the festival continuing until midnight. Those plans are subject to change depending on artist schedules and line-ups.

Finest Workers UK Ltd. is promoting the festival as an opportunity for the Filipino community to come together from across the UK. While the community remains strong, events like these help to foster better relationships among Filipinos. If the event is as successful as the promoters believe it will be, it is likely to be brought back in successive years.

Finest Workers has not yet released the artist schedule, as those plans are still being formulated. However, information will be released as it becomes available. In the meantime, those interested in participating the festival should keep their eyes and ears open for further announcements.

About Finest Workers UK Ltd.

Finest Workers UK Ltd. is a London-based event promoter established in 2011 by the well-known Finest Workers employment recruiting agency. The company strives to bring quality concerts and other entertainment to the UK in a way that not only serves individual communities, but also upholds a high standard of ethics not often found in the entertainment industry. If you have any questions about the company or the upcoming P Festival, you may direct your inquiries to:

Finest Workers UK Ltd.
Marvin Guzman
Phone: +44 7889 171595

Comfort Keepers held a ribbon cutting ceremony in celebration of their recent 2013 Home Care Pulse Award, 10th Anniversary, and chamber membership at their 3009-B Church Street location in Myrtle Beach. Employees, friends, and Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce representatives attended the ceremony to learn more about the professional home care services provider that has been assisting adult and senior Grand Strand community members for over 10 years. Comfort Keepers offers a myriad of services, from light housekeeping, personal care and running errands to grocery shopping, meal preparation and transportation.

“Our goal is to provide quality in-home care to seniors that allow them to stay healthier and independent while enjoying the comfort of their own homes,” said Jack Nance, a representative of Comfort Keepers.

Comfort Keepers currently employs 160 caregivers along the Grand Strand, and Nance adds that all employees are screened and bonded. For more information on Comfort Keepers, please call (843) 249-9200 or visit

Media Contact:
Scott Mallory
Comfort Keepers Public Relations
(843) 249-9200

Jim and Yvette Blehm, Realtors of Keller Williams of Grand Rapids are happy to announce the opening of the new Caledonia Real Estate Development, Blackstone Estates. This new Caledonia development is located North of 68th Street just off of Snow Ave in Caledonia Township.

Blackstone Estates is a premiere neighborhood comprised of 30 home sites in the Caledonia Township area. Located in the award winning Caledonia school district, Blackstone Estates features rolling topography, ample green spaces, and private wooded home sites that range from 1/2 acre to an acre +. Homes in this neighborhood, with lot included will start in the low 200's. If you're looking for the serenity of country living without giving up the sacrificing the conveniences of city living, this Caledonia Real Estate development is custom made for you.

Caledonia Township, Michigan is a fun, active community. Area activities include local farmer's market, Western Days Festival and 4th of July Celebration along with many other community celebrations throughout the year.

Caledonia Real Estate Development

Jim and Yvette Blehm specialize in Caledonia Area Real Estate. A perspective homeowner can contact Jim and Yvette Blehm to obtain more information on The Blackstone Estates development as well as other Caledonia Real Estate developments. Jim and Yvette Blehm, your Caledonia area specialists, will work hard to get you into your perfect home in this beautiful Caledonia Real Estate development.

If you're looking to buy or sell Caledonia Real Estate choose the team that will get the job done, Jim and Yvette Blehm, Realtors of Keller Williams of Grand Rapids

Visit our Caledonia Real Estate Homes For Sale website and register to get all of the hottest Caledonia Real Estate Homes delivered right to your inbox.


Call (616)719-7017 to speak with a Caledonia Real Estate Agent today.

Jim and Yvette Blehm, Realtors with Keller Williams Grand Rapids 630 Kenmoor Ave. #101, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Canton, MI - A web series on men’s stories and issues needs $10K for the production and post-production expenses.

Custard Sisters Production has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 for a web series about men and their stories titled Men Dilemmas. The money will be used for the production and post-production of the web series. Launched on August 20, this project will only be funded if the pledges or contributions meet the target by Friday, October 4, 2013 at 11:48 pm EDT.

The Kickstarter page accepts pledges from $1 up to $5,000. Contributions to the campaign have corresponding rewards including but not limited to Thank You credit on Men Dilemmas website, a digital download of the entire series, a personal call from a cast member, a role with dialogue, and credit as Executive Producer.

The web series brings to life each feature story from Men Dilemmas, a magazine on men’s complexities created by Lauren Renee and her best friend, Tony Banks. Episodes will reveal stories about men’s unique experiences and challenges. Viewers can expect to find the mix of fun, drama, action and insights entertaining.

When Alicia Custard (one of the co-producers) was chided for babying her infant nephew “because he would be a man one day,” she started re-thinking how different men are from women. Alicia and her sister Vicki (also a co-producer) believe that men should have a chance to tell their stories and share their feelings, and the idea for the series was born.

Web series, an emerging medium for entertainment, is gaining wider acceptance as the Internet becomes more accessible and streaming video technology becomes more advanced. Now that web series film festivals and awards are increasing, many producers are inspired to come up with more creative and daring web series. With a topic as timeless as Men Dilemmas, Custard Sisters Production is poised to attract an audience waiting to be entertained via their home PCs and mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

For more details on the web series and rewards for backers, just visit the Men Dilemmas Kickstarter page at

In early August 2013 Hong Kong based was launched: an online Bitcoin casino and sports betting platform featuring 100% home-grown proprietary games, cutting edge provably fair gaming technology, and blackjack, baccarat and a variety of sports betting options. The Bitcoin casino also offers a 5 free Bitcoin NFL Survivor League – players can enter to win over $500 for free. Due to the professionalism of the platform and the quality of its offerings is already serving large amounts of traffic and players.

A large amount of this traffic is for's NFL survivor league (link ) with 5 free Bitcoin up for grabs – any member of the site can enter the NFL betting survivor league(link) for free. To participate players simply pick one team to win each week and if the team loses the game the player is out of the prize pool. Only one team can be chosen for each round. The ultimate winner of the pool will receive the 5 free Bitcoin and no deposit is required to play: players simply need to register an account for free at to play. The free NFL pool is now live and is accepting new players and registrations until the 4th of September 2013. Besides the free NFL pool there are also 3 other Bitcoin NFL betting pools on offer for 0.25 BTC, 0.50 BTC and 1.00 BTC.

Other games on offer where players can place bets in Bitcoin at include baccarat, blackjack and sports betting on NFL, MLB, NCAA Football, English Soccer (EPL), German Soccer (Bundesliga), Italian Soccer (Serie A TIM), French Soccer (Ligue 1), Spanish Soccer (Liga BBVA) and Dutch Soccer (Eredivisie). features the latest cutting edge provably fair gaming technology: the user can even change the client seed aspect of the random number generator of the platform. At's blackjack game, for example, the blackjack deck is shuffled and translated into a "hash secret" which is shown on the player's browser. Once deal is clicked the browser sends its part of the equation: a "client secret" which the player can manually select and control. When combined the hash secret and client seed "cut the deck" in effect randomizing the shuffle. It is entirely transparent: the player can change the client seed at will and can see both the client seed and hash secret for present and past games. Provably fair online gaming of this calibre is unique to Bitcoin and has utilized it to perfection. most certainly has a bright future ahead. The casino's NFL sudden death pool with 5 free Bitcoin up for grabs is sure to attract many punters seeking free Bitcoin. In the rapidly growing online Bitcoin gaming space Hong Kong based stands out as one of the more professional platforms; with its 100% home-grown proprietary games, cutting edge provably fair gaming technology, and the huge variety of games on offer.

To see for yourself please go to:

To learn more about please contact:

In May 2013 was launched: the world's first Bitcoin gaming platform enabling live Bitcoin sports betting for punters across the globe. Based in Panama and serving sports enthusiasts and Bitcoin gamers worldwide; Bitcoin Live Bets is rapidly becoming the online Bitcoin sports betting platform of choice with its unprecedented live Bitcoin sports betting feature.

The Bitcoin Live Bets gaming platform offers worldwide LIVE Bitcoin sports betting on Soccer, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Darts, Ice Hockey, Handball, Tennis, Volleyball, Aussie Rules and Rugby Union. The full list of sports which can be bet on with Bitcoin can be seen at Hundreds of Bitcoin sports betting combinations are available and punters can also place regular non-live Bitcoin bets on all the aforementioned worldwide sports. Due to the global nature of Bitcoin anyone worldwide can play – as long as it is legal in their jurisdiction to do so. prides itself on super fast automatic Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals of clients' winnings to their Bitcoin wallets. Beyond their live betting feature they are also seeking to differentiate themselves from other companies in the Bitcoin sports betting space by offering fast professional customer service and support for any and all issues customers may encounter.

Serving punters worldwide the Bitcoin Live Bets website can be accessed in French, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Italian and Czech. Depending on the players' preferences betting odds can be displayed in the European Decimal, American, English, Hong Kong, Malaysian or Indonesian format.

With its world first Bitcoin live sports betting feature, attentive customer service and professionalism Panama based Bitcoin Live Bets is a stand out in the increasingly crowded space of online Bitcoin gaming. Integrating live sports betting technology into a global Bitcoin sports betting platform is an unprecedented move and is sure to attract widespread interest in the Bitcoin space - and beyond.

To learn more about Bitcoin Live Bets please go to:

Media Contact:
Bitcoin Live Bets

HOLLYWOOD - A tribute song is in the works for Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. Proceeds from the album sales will go to the "Lisa Lopes" Foundation. Multiplatinum Billboard Producer Andrew Lane will be leading the project along with Reigndrop Lopes, sister of Lisa. Artists are already coming forward to lend their voices, including, Latin Grammy Winner Miguelito Valenzuelas along with Rap Star Shawnna, Up & Coming Music Artist Kimberly Jessy/Jesika, and a host of other names are swirling as the album and key people are being put together.

The development is in early stages but will be completed before the yearly successful Left Eye Music Festival being held in Atlanta, Ga.

The Lisa Lopes Foundation will proudly present the 2nd Annual Left Eye Music Fest, September 28th 2013 at the Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center at 3181 Rainbow Drive in Decatur, GA. The family-fun event will fuse and celebrate Left Eye's original style and eclectic taste in music, fashion & and fun. Open to the public, the 1-day festival featuring a fan talent showcase, and star studded tribute concert, was proceeded by the invitation-only Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Press Reception and Legacy Celebration for her birthday. Proceeds from the exclusive reception and Left Eye Music Fest will benefit the programs and initiatives of the Lisa Lopes Foundation. For more tickets & details go to

Kimberly Jesika is that LA “It” Girl that is ready to incorporate musical genius to her resume. The Latin music community is quickly embracing Kimberly’s flavor and the Top 40 Pop community are prepping for yet another star on Hollywood Blvd. Her style incorporates acoustic and base guitar and pop centered beats produced by Billboard Award winning producers.

Having a love for rock, her beginnings of a church choir singer and director helped to infuse a unique sound. Kimberly Jesika grew up listening to artists like Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Tears for Fears and Pet Shop Boys; which explains her brand and approach to music.

"Expression” is a word that describes this Panamanian native and her musical talent does not forget her Spanish roots. Kimberly has many talents and currently working on the release of her reality show and she runs a LA high end Publicity Boutique that specializes in the Latin & Music entertainment.Kimberly is currently working with several women shelters in the metro Los Angeles area and in 2014, Kimberly plans to release her album “Teen Girl Interrupted” and she is currently producing her own reality show.

Kimberly Jesika’s motto is “Expression of who I am, and what goes on inside of me, its an expression of my lost inner little girl, that never got to be herself, live herself, express herself, or play, its for all little girls lost and interrupted.”

Areina "ReinChild" Plowden
Public Relations

In late May 2013 FastCoin (FST) was launched; its primary innovation being to have the fastest transaction speeds of any digital currency currently in existence. Compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minute block times theFastCoin network has just a 12 second target block time with transactions fully confirming in 48 seconds. Based on the same fundamentals as the Bitcoin protocol FastCoin is a blockchain based, decentralized, peer 2 peer worldwide digital currency with no central issuing authority. FastCoin has seen a rapid rate of adoption, with the coin’s market cap briefly reaching $250 000 USD in early August, and the official website,, seeing constantly increasing traffic and serving thousands of unique hits every month. The coin is backed by a team of developers and FastCoin enthusiasts from all over the world; including the USA, Europe, Australia, UK, Russia, China, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, India and more.

Marc Saltzman, a Canadian media journalist has contacted team FastCoin and is hosting one of the FastCoin members as a guest speaker on their popular radio show “Tech Talk” this Sunday, Sept 1 at 5pm EST. Marc is a well respected Canadian Journalist that specializes in technology segments and he has been featured on CNN, Fox news, CBC and more.

The official FastCoin website, is based in Toronto, Canada, but the core development team consists of 10 highly qualified individuals from all over the world. The majority of the core team are primarily system engineers: seasoned veterans of the IT ecosystem, with some possessing over 25 years experience in the industry. Some members of team FastCoin possess teaching backgrounds having taught computer science at the University and College Level. Others have held relatively key positions for high profile international IT companies such as Microsoft, Symantec and ATI. FastCoin also has professionals with MBA’s and global work experience; aiding the business analysis aspects of managing the FST project. All have been actively involved in the cryptocurrency space for years; enthusiastically mining Bitcoin and participating in the emerging digital currency economy. Christopher Tao is regarded as the head developer of FastCoin and the coin’s primary creator.

Reflecting the popularity of the coin, the official FastCoin twitter account has over 10 000 followers and this is rapidly growing month after month. With its fast transaction speeds the FastCoin team is also actively targeting the mobile space and to this end they have released an Android FastCoin wallet which is currently in Beta – but functional. Due to its lightning fast transaction speeds FastCoin offers tangible benefits for merchants who accept FST as a payment method; any website or business who reaches out to the FastCoin team looking to accept FST will be warmly received.

With its highly qualified and motivated core development team, strong social media presence, rising popularity and primary innovation of being the fastest transacting digital currency in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, FastCoin has a bright future ahead. With FST having reached a market cap of $250 000 USD in early August, this is no doubt a foreshadowing of bigger things to come.

To learn more about FastCoin please go to:
To see FastCoin on Canadian radio show Tech Talk please go to:
FastCoin on Twitter:
FastCoin on Facebook:
FastCoin Android App Beta:
FastCoin Sites and Services:

Media Contact Name: Christopher Tao

FastCoin is currently the fastest transacting peer 2 peer digital currency in existence; for the technically minded the FST protocol details are as follows:

- 12 second block target.
- 4 confirms per transaction – every transaction confirms in 48 seconds.
- Mining difficulty retargets every hour. Accelerated re-targets are utilized so as to eliminate instamining.
- 32 coins per block, block reward halves roughly every 12 months or 2 592 000 blocks.
- A total of 165 888 000 coins will be minted.
- Connection port is 9526, RPC-port 9527
- Similar to Litecoin, FastCoin utilizes a Scrypt based cryptographic algorithm.


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