March 2013

Philadelphia, PA - Boris Sonis, founder of Massage Guru, recently announced the grand opening of his new beautifully appointed location on Red Lion Road in Philadelphia.

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Intentionally created to be a unique experience. Every detail of Massage Guru was carefully thought out and professionally designed by artists to ensure the client experiences complete relaxation as well as esthetic satisfaction. The breath taking couples room, the Mediterranean room, and the Asian room all accomplish the task of creating an incredibly calming feeling as you enter.

Massage Guru offers a wide variety of massage therapy, skin care and unique body treatments. There are anti-stress massages, therapeutic deep tissue massages, Shiatsu massages, Thai massages, Swedish massages, hot stone massages, couples massages and more. Additionally, the Guru offers the most relaxing body treatments such as Mediterranean, Chocolate Massages, body exfoliation or Hot Yoga Massages.

In addition, Massage Guru is offering new, extended hours. It will be open from 10 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays from 10 am until 8pm. These longer hours are due to the high demand for massage therapy, and the need to offer greater convenience to existing and potential clients in setting appointments.

Owner, Boris Sonis a graduate of the prestigious St Petersburg Academy of Physical Culture, brings over 25 years of experience to Massage Guru. Recently named The Best Massage Therapist in Philadelphia, Boris was captivating when discussing the benefits of massage therapy saying, “Massage is a wonderful technique which employs a skillful touch to relax both body and mind. It is a unique way of communicating without words; a healing art, which relieves pain and suffering.”

According to Sonis, getting a massage regularly is no longer a luxury, but it is a necessity to function at optimal intensities in modern society. It is with this philosophy that he created ffordable prices to allow people of all economic classes the opportunity to take advantage of proper self-care treatments.

First time visitors are offered the company’s everyday promotion of $59 for their signature 1 hour massage. Additionally all couples can experience amazing couples rates for a couple’s massage with a discount $30 off every Saturday.

For more information on the grand opening of Massage Guru, or to book an appointment, visit their website at

About Massage Guru
Massage Guru is a luxury spa, which offers affordable rates, in order to allow people from all economic classes the ability to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate.

For more information, or additional media enquiries, contact Boris at:
842 Red Lion Road,
Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (215) 677-3733

BELLEVUE, WA - A Moment Fine Art Photography is the Pacific Northwest’s own go-to-spot for landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, astonishing florals and nature photos as well as still life and lifestyle pictorials. “I love my work.” said Valerie Garner, Founder of A Moment Fine Art Photography. “My camera is my brush and canvas. It’s my art medium.” Self-taught Garner’s style is eclectic. Given to color and the pure way we as humans enjoy life, Garner is poised to continue her artful work while inspiring visitors to her website one at a time.

On the photography website Garner offers her art on subjects highlighting nature, childhood, buildings and structures, food and drink, animals - birds, wildlife and fish - flowers, still life shots, lifestyles, winter, digital art, HDR photography, tropical photos and vintage fare. Each gallery holds between forty and one hundred images to peruse through and enjoy.

Garner offers her visitors her artwork on either canvas, framed, or acrylic prints with buyers choosing their own custom frames to match their décor and style . Standard prints are available as are greeting cards of her work. The photos visitors to the site can choose from include items like “Tropical Island Silhouette Beach Sunset”, “Rural Field of Mustard After a Rain”, “Sunset Arbor Off Lake Washington, Wash”, “Vintage Old School Classroom”, “Tulip Farmland In Spring Storm” and “Dramatic Sunrise Over Mountains”.

Valerie Garner’s work has been shown at Warren Knapp Art Gallery in Seattle. She has had one of her photos published in the 2012 Seattle Pictorial Guidebook.

She also offers photo restoration services of vintage photos to secure the memory and durability of familial history and beautify any home or office setting. Multi generational collages can be made as well.

For more information visit And for more information regarding photo restoration services visit

BIRMINGHAM, AL - IRA Innovations LLC is celebrating its 10th anniversary in the Self- Directed IRA industry. IRA Innovations is a leading provider of recordkeeping and administration services for self-directed retirement accounts. Investors who wish to take control and invest their IRA in alternative investments trust IRA Innovations to ensure the transaction is completed in a timely manner.

Attention to detail, outstanding customer service, and communication with clients help make IRA Innovations a trusted expert in the industry. Bill Gulas, President and CEO of the company stated it best by saying to clients “build a better retirement your way and live a better life with investments you choose”

About IRA Innovations
Started in April of 2003 by founder, Bill Gulas, IRA Innovations continues to grow and expand.  “I truly want to thank my clients, partners and business associates for helping IRA Innovations succeed as a force in the Self-Directed IRA Industry” Gulas Said.

IRA Innovations provides retirement plan administration and recordkeeping services for individuals and small business owners who wish to include non-traditional assets such as Real Estate, Private Loans, Seller Financed Mortgages, Precious Metals, Land, Options, and more in their portfolios.

IRA Innovations believes that everyone needs a portion of his IRA to be vested in a self-directed asset- an investment that is outside the box of traditional investments. Contributing to a tax-advantaged account allows clients to get the current benefit of reducing taxable income and the long-term benefit of allowing investments to grow tax-deferred or, in the case of a ROTH IRA, tax-free with after tax dollars.

With over 10 years of experience, IRA Innovations has assisted thousands nationwide achieve their financial goals with tax enhanced retirement accounts.  IRA Innovations administers accounts nationwide and is headquartered in Birmingham Alabama. For more information call (205) 985-0860 or visit

Contact Information:
Bill Gulas
IRA Innovations

Market Samurai users were given a scare recently, when many of the keyword research tool’s features either didn’t work properly or failed to work at all. The CEO of Noble Samurai, Eugene Ware, quickly posted a message to explain the problems, stating:

“As large portions of Market Samurai currently use Google’s service, this has temporarily broken a range of functionality in Market Samurai.”

Since Market Samurai sources much of its information from Google, any changes to Google’s policies or algorithms can affect the effectiveness of the keyword research tools and even prevent the tools from working altogether.

Google has been making a lot of these changes the past few years, which has meant that SEO companies have had to adapt and in some cases even learn new methods to drive search engine traffic to sites. These problems initially forced Market Samurai to move some of its sourcing over to Bing. Market Samurai users were justifiably worried about this, since, while Bing is a good search engine, it really isn’t Google. Most search engine optimization methods focus on Google, since this is still the number one place that people go to when they need to find something online.

However, the services moved to Bing were not those which would affect the final results of the keyword research as it pertained to Google. Fortunately for Market Samurai, and the hundreds of thousands of people who use it, the technical team at Market Samurai was able to remedy the situation within a few days and this is no longer an outstanding issue. While Google continues to change and update, Market Samurai and other SEO tools like it, must adapt and make changes as well. So far, Eugene Ware and the support team at Market Samurai have been very good at “rolling with the punches” and still provide results that are, in their own words, “devastatingly accurate”. A full Market Samurai review gives more details on the company and its various search engine optimization and keyword research tools.

A HideMyAss Review video can also help in using market samurai more effectively.

For Immediate Release
Joshua Zamora

An in-depth webinar, titled 3 Hidden and Overlooked Culprits that Are Standing in Your Way to Lasting Weight Loss, will be held March 30 at 11am EST. The online seminar will be led by Angela Burhi, a renowned Swiss weight loss expert who has 30 years of experience in the industry.

The webinar will be conducted online and over the phone and will discuss three common culprits behind the struggle many women face. Free to all participants, it covers how to avoid a yo-yo dieting pattern by ignoring the myth that eating less and exercising more is the trick to losing weight.

In addition, participants will also learn how to identify the weight loss strategy that’s right for them. By focusing on a personalized method, it also becomes possible to save time, energy, and money, helping participants of the webinar to find benefits in other parts of their lives.

Also to be discussed is a common cause of weight gain that often goes unrecognized and undiagnosed, regardless of diet. Once informed on this cause, the body will stop gaining more fat and a person from losing more self esteem. The webinar is intended to help women get past this barrier and attain their weight loss goals.

Limited spots are available. Reservations are now being accepted online via a web form at To be led by renowned Swiss weight loss expert, Angela Buhri, the free webinar will take place March 30, 2013.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – Train smarter, not harder might be the motto of the National Exercise and Sports Training Association’s (NESTA) online Heart Rate Performance Specialist training program. Available online at, the training offers scientific information on smart training techniques for athletes of all levels.

The self-paced, online training teaches personal trainers to objectively design—without any complicated math or guesswork—ideal heart rate training zones, creating ideal conditions for training smarter and safer. Likewise, clients learn to monitor and evaluate their progress when it comes to time, intensity and calorie burn for better overall training results.

“With our online Heart Rate Performance Specialist training, you can stop guessing if your training methods are working and get smart as you start monitoring and really listening to your body and your clients bodies,” said John Spencer Ellis, founder of NESTA. “You will be able to stand out from the personal training crowd by offering real, and measurable results for your clients based on this amazing knowledge. Even better, using a heart rate monitor is the most objective way to listen to your heart and track progress, which can actually help clients avoid heart disease.”

Heart rate training helps personal trainers structure programs, so that their clients and athletes train at the right intensity every session, automatically record workouts and results, optimize fat burning and increase overall performance. It also makes it easier for trainers to monitor, update and evaluate personal training programs and client progress.

In addition, NESTA’s self-paced online Heart Rate Performance Specialist training includes a more than $100 discount on POLAR heart rate monitors when bundled with the online training.

Since 1992, National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) has been a leader in innovative solutions for fitness, nutrition and wellness professionals, as well as club owners. Founded by John Spencer Ellis, NESTA now has more than 55,000 members in 55 countries, and it is one of the largest fitness associations in the world, and the fastest growing association of its kind in the United States. For more information on the NESTA Heart Rate Performance Specialist Training, please visit

NESTA Fitness School
30245 Tomas
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Just 4 U Kids Expo where Kids rule is the largest and only national children gathering that provides an opportunity for talented children fashion designers, models, dancers and singers to perform and get noticed by children talent scout and agents. This is all while they are having fun playing in the Kids Zone and enjoying a celebrity concert.

Just 4 U Kids Expo, the one and only national kids event is pleased to announce that this year's Kids Expo will take place on June 22, 2013 from 11am to 6pm at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center - 97 Sunfield Avenue Edison, NJ. The national kids’ event will avail children from across the nation the opportunity to exhibit their singing, dancing, modeling and fashion designing talents and works. In an effort to promote a greener world the Just 4 U Kids Expo has featured an Upcycled Fashion segment which will feature the recycled fashions from an upcoming child designer.

The expo is set to get the heart of children talent fans pounding with excitement as it promises to showcase the best of children talents across the country. There would be celebrity concerts and the event will be used to premiere the Just 4 U Kids magazine. This year's expo will feature many celebrity guests including a guest appearance by Bianca Golden from America's Next Top Model and a performance from upcoming teen singing sensation Made2Last. There will also be a children runway competition that would be used to showcase up-cycled attires the kids have made themselves in an effort to provide a greener world. The Just 4 U Expo will also be used to bring smiles to the face of a young child diagnosed with the sickle cell anemia as one child will be named prince or princess for the day at the Kids Expo.

The Just 4 U Kids Expo will attract a lot of Children talent scouts, agents and managers that would be willing to accept resumes and headshots from the participating children exhibitors. Child models, media, sponsors and vendors that would like to be part of the Just 4 U Kids Expo should visit their website at and have a look at the different sponsorship packages and registration information.

For more information please visit

Avon, IN -, a website that deals with all aspects of affiliate marketing opportunities and making money online recently discussed the popular survey money machine niche. Site owner Sandy McQueen delved into this potential lucrative method of making money at home and offered her readers a complete guide to survey money machines and the ways in which those who want to work at home can take advantage of these opportunities. McQueen is an expert when it comes to work from home ventures and making money online and she is consistently offering her readers the latest news on ever opportunity available.

Her latest article covers every aspect of survey money machines and she starts by defining just what they are. Readers will learn about the free site that teaches budding entrepreneurs how to earn money with basically no out of pocket expense on their part. McQueen reveals that there are many companies that will pay individuals to take surveys and answer questions and the Survey Money Machines site knows them all. This site, like so many others of its kind simply gathers information into one place and makes it easy for individuals to learn about a particular topic quickly.

What McQueen finds most effective about Survey Money Machines is that the site reveals both the good and the bad when it comes to survey sites. Some sites have been known to be scams and Survey Money Machines steers its readers to the legitimate sites so that they don’t waste their time or get scammed out of money. She also reveals that Survey Money Machines offers a newsletter that is sent to subscribers daily for two weeks and that teaches individuals all they need to know about making money with surveys.

Those who want to learn more can visit and read this article that could very well lead to significant added income.

Sandy McQueen, Site Owner
Avon, IN 46126

Pensacola, FL - Chiropractic Solutions of Pensacola and Dr. Vicki Schwantes are pleased to announce their unique and successful pain relief treatments that can help many living in the Pensacola area. There are various chiropractic and therapeutic techniques that help to reduce both acute and chronic pain, but the exact combination of treatment depends on the patient, their condition and other health related factors experienced by the patient.

Pensacola Chiropractor Dr. Vicki Schwantes comments, “We aim to inspire active patient participation in healthy recovery, to educate the community on personal well-being and to instill the knowledge for proper corrective measures necessary to maintain the body’s optimal functionality.”

Traditional solutions to pain are often prescription painkillers and sometimes surgery. Dr. Vicki Schwantes offers natural non-invasive treatment that doesn't carry the potential side effects of prescription drugs. The chiropractic techniques used at the Pensacola chiropractic clinic simply rely upon the body's ability to begin its healing once any obstructions are removed.

The Pensacola chiropractic clinic provides chiropractic care to patients of all ages with a variety of conditions, while also offering extended treatment options to newborns and expectant mothers. They utilize multiple chiropractic techniques, massage, acupuncture and rehabilitation to restore the body’s appropriate level of function. Good nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle also play a large role in reaching optimal wellness.

To learn more about the methods used by Dr. Schwantes and Chiropractic Solutions of Pensacola and to get more information about chiropractic treatments visit today today.

For Immediate Release
Dr. Vicki Schwantes, DC
Chiropractic Solutions of Pensacola
410 W 9 Mile Road
Pensacola, FL 32534
(850) 471-0000 today.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – If you’ve ever dreamed of being a weight management consultant, nutrition adviser, healthy living coach, author, lifestyle consultant, health club operator or coaching others to reach their goals, then Wexford University’s online master’s degree in nutrition and exercise located here, with spring classes beginning April 1, will prepare you for just that. Wexford University offers a variety of degree programs for both U.S. and international students in the fields of health, nutrition, fitness and sports. Students can learn more and apply now at

“As we continue to learn more about the role of nutrition in our overall health, more and more students and professionals are realizing what an important field this is. Wexford University is proud to offer an advanced degree to prepare our students for a rewarding career in the critical fields of health, nutrition and fitness,” said Jack Bauerle, Chancellor of Wexford University. “At Wexford, we focus on applied learning, critical thinking and the latest industry research, which students can enjoy at their own pace from the comfort of their home.”

Wexford University’s online master’s in nutrition and exercise degree was designed to provide students with the academic and research skills needed for a successful career or further study in health and fitness disciplines, and to prepare students for careers in clinical environments with an emphasis on evidence-based practices, such as exercise prescription and clinical applications.

Online spring classes beginning April 1 in the nutrition and exercise program include Physiology of Exercise, Metabolism and Skeletal Muscle, Advanced Nutrition through the Lifespan, Sport-focused Nutrition, Motor Control, the Science of Metabolic Conditioning, the Pharmacology of Vitamins, Fluids and Electrolytes and many more.

About Wexford University
Wexford University is dedicated to providing world-class education through cutting-edge technology, offering direct application degree programs in an accelerated format with 100 percent online learning to save time and money. Programs include an associate of arts degree in Fitness Training, bachelor’s degree in Health and Fitness, master’s degree in Nutrition and Exercise as well as master’s degree and doctorate degree in Applied Sport Psychology. Wexford University is the higher education division of NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association). For more information, please visit

For Immediate Release
Wexford University
30245 Tomas, Suite A
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Long Beach, CA, March 01, 2012 - On his constant elevation to the top of the rap game, North Long Beach heavyweight rapper Unified Giants hits the scene again with new a single titled "Till They Fall" Produced by KEI-SHON-SON.

The track is sure to get the people dancing and grooving out in their cars. As it should properly gain a wider range of exposure for the West Coast phenomenon known simply as Unified Giants for his new solo street album titled “RISE”

Produced entirely by the talented “instrumental architect” KEI-SHON-SON, Unified Giants recite heart-felt, inspirational messages about the struggle, getting money, and taking care of business until the wheels fall off, atop a classic west coast, DJ-Quik inspired bassline.

Till They Fall“ is a motivational song for everybody to understand the importance staying the course with a positive attitude until the wheel off on the road to success, KEI-SHON-SON explains "We really aspire to effect the listener positively through music."

While expanding the boundaries of creativity on Till They Fall, the entire RISE album is a modern-day throw back to the early 1990s, which is considered the golden era of Hip-Hop "I simply wanted to reach out to the lost fan base of yester years” says KEI-SHON-SON. "I'm paying homage to the old while bringing the music up to the present day with a new twist."

Now, Unified Giants is eager to see the response he gets from his newest heat-seeking single "Till They Fall."Along with the remaining songs from the RISE L.P. As well as tour extensively through out the spring and summer of 2014.

Please visit Unified Giants excellent website for much more information, including mp3's and videos.

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