SpaceKitty Aerosol Chamber Offers Easy to Use, Effective Feline Asthma Spacer

Nov 26th, 2016 -- RespLabs Medical has released a brand new device that is designed to help cat owners and veterinary professionals provide fast, effective relief from respiratory illness.

The SpaceKitty Feline Aerosol Chamber provides a spacer with low resistance inhalation and exhalation valves designed to help cats breathe easier with treatment. The valves can also be used for monitoring breaths. The SpaceKitty Feline Aerosol Chamber is easy to clean and comes with two masks designed for felines.

In addition, the unit is BPA-free and anti-static. The new aerosol chamber is available at Amazon. More information is now available at

About RespLabs Medical

RespLabs Medical provides respiratory services and products that enhance lives while helping healthcare providers. All of RespLabs Medical products and services are designed to be cost effective and highly safe.

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