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    Bluerock Capital Group Says Demand For Alternative Finance Is Set To Continue To Grow

    With regulatory changes across the global banking sector, banks have had to change the way they lend to business customers, making it harder for them to access funding.

    London, May 23rd, 2016 -- This change has had a huge knock-on effect for businesses looking for short term business loans to expand and grow their business. Bluerock Capital Group, who provides alternative finance secured by assets, has said that traditional banking is not the only option to attract funding.

    The alternative funding experts report that more companies are now turning to alternative finance lending. It's not just business people in the USA who are turning to alternative funding; the trend is happening all around the world; including the UK, Europe and Asia.

    Bluerock Capital Group has already built a strong business base from their property lending expertise, broadening areas of specialist lending such as private equity, equity leasing and project finance.

    However, tens of millions of businesses around the world are still unaware there are alternatives to bank funding. Numerous reports and surveys support these market observations, with over 30% of SME’s unaware of finance solutions outside of traditional banks, whilst also stating the availability of finance as major challenges for their business.

    Bluerock Capital Group has said the alternative finance sector has increased by 157 percent in the USA in 2015 while it has grown by 149 percent in Europe with the growth expanding to 345 percent in Asia. They believe that the strict rules currently being put in place by banks will lead to even more people turning to alternative funding.

    Brian Taylor, of Bluerock Capital Group, said,”The European banks in particular remain constrained as they recapitalize; many are reverting to their ‘core’ markets leaving many businesses out of luck when they require finance. Bluerock Capital Group supports the development of Alternative Finance markets, with an investment focus on secured asset lending.”

    With the ongoing changes in regulations and structural reform in today’s financial industry, alternative funders and Bluerock Capital Group believe that small and medium sized businesses are increasingly likely to turn to specialist lenders who have the skills to understand their specific needs.

    The market for alternative finance will continue to grow because diversifying the sources of finance available to companies will help to support financial stability and increase resilience in economies around the world.

    Bluerock Capital Group are experts in helping small to medium sized businesses gain alternative funding, for more information, please visit http://www.bluerockcapitalgroup.com/

    About Blue Rock Capital Group:

    Blue Rock Capital Group are a seasoned and dedicated team of professionals that provides small and medium-sized businesses alternative financing options in the form of Property & Project Financing, Equity Leasing, and Private Equity.

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