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    Upcoming Launch Date Set For JV Tank

    World Wide, Jan 6th, 2016 -- JV Tank is pleased to announce the planned launch of of the company on February 7, 2016. The company and its four founders not only wish to help vape shop owners sell liquid nicotine products, but they also put together a unique and creative plan to help vape product reviewers to get into the business of selling vape products. As a way of explaining the reasons for their creative marketing approach, they have put together an informative video which can be seen at https://jvtank.com/blog/about/.

    The structure of JV Tank allows for businesses that want to take part in the growing vape business to do so. In the past, the major merchant account sites have not allowed for the sale of vaping products. JV Tank has set up a trust-based online marketplace for vendors and affiliates who want to sell vape gear. The categories of goods for sale include e-liquids, mods, tanks, RDAs, batteries, chargers, drip tips, cases, cleaning supplies and accessories.

    Vapor fans have a rosy future, In the United States, the revenues for the industry are expected to reach $10 billion, and globally the $24 billion mark is expected by 2019. The ability to establish a vapor marketplace depends on a stable platform. Some of the characteristics of the platform include real-time reporting, automating clear partnership arrangements and permitting instant payouts.

    Even though the preparation for the launch of the company is set for early in 2016, owner Vas Blagodarskiy has also been busy with the planning and preparation for JVTank’s marketing strategy. They have been hustling diligently to work through any potential hassles for businesses that are interested in enhancing revenues by selling vape gear online.

    JV Tank has developed that platform and they are the first to do so in the vaping industry. There are likely to be questions about how the program works and how vendors and affiliates can benefit from it. It helps to have a background in internet marketing, especially affiliate marketing.

    Another exciting development in the plans for JV Tank is their invitation to Collision 2016, the country's fastest growing tech conference. The founding members plan to present a live showcase of JV Tank and compete for venture capital funding at the event. Only one in ten applicants are accept to take part in this event. Collision 2016 will be held in New Orleans and is expected to attract a number of serious investors looking for opportunities.

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