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    New device curbs spread of germs!

    USA, Sep 24th, 2015 -- An innovative hand-held device which helps stop coughers from spreading germs is being introduced to the US and Canadian market by the MacVrs Group.

    MacVrs Group, a health product design/manufacturing company, announced today that it has entered into several agreements, one with Florida-based Mr. Checkout Distributors Inc. to have the device distributed through 125,000 grocery and convenience stores across the US and Canada, and two other large North American Pharmacy chains.

    The device -- Safe Cough™ -- is a lightweight, recyclable, compact filtering device which helps stop the spread of germs and other airborne viruses and bacteria associated with the common cold and influenza.

    Mr. Checkout Distributors Inc. is a unique, 20-year old group of direct-store-delivery (DSD) retail merchandisers, wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, wholesale-to-distributors, food and beverage distributors, and wholesalers currently servicing 44,000 stores. Mr. Checkout also works with an additional 250 distributors who represent up to 100,000 retail stores.

    Here’s how SafeCough™ works. It is worn on the middle finger allowing the compact unit to rest inside the palm. When the wearer feels a cough coming on, they cough into the mouthpiece of Safe Cough™. Once what is coughed enters the unit, 99.9% of the germs are divided through 100 air holes and filtered through an activated bamboo charcoal reduction filter – just like those used in air purifiers or water bottles. The end result is safe, clean, air exiting the SafeCough™ device.

    When not in use, the SafeCough™ device rests snugly and comfortably on the inside of the palm and does not interfere with daily activities.

    Andrew MacBain, President and CEO of the MacVrs Group, said he was concerned about the recent outbreaks of airborne diseases and was surprised that there was nothing on the market for families to deal with cough containment. "Our SafeCough™ unit contains and kills the majority of your germs and are disposable at your discretion. When using SafeCough™, you will no longer be infecting others with your cough, this will be beneficial to everyone."

    For further information, please contact the MacVrs Group or visit them at:

    www.safecough.com Toll Free: 1-855-419-SAFE (7233)


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