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    Escorts Make Latest Edition of London Guide

    07, January 2015: Of all the things readers expect to see in a travel guide, escorts are the last. The idea that these working girls could appear side by side with a nice afternoon tea or a top hotel is something unthinkable. For E London Buzz though, it’s something that will be happening. In fact, they’re developing an entire side of their site dedicated to the adult industries.

    The reason why is simple: they’ve always sought to tell the whole truth. In reality, the escort industry is one of the capital’s most popular and profitable. There are dozens of top agencies working in the city, yet most people don’t even realise they exist. They’re hidden beneath the surface, a secret delight that far too many will never get to see.

    The site has drawn controversy in the past for taking a very irreverent approach to big names, often treating some of the capital’s high fliers with something bordering on disdain. Their approach of total anonymity and limiting possible interference with their writers, has to lead them to post some brutally honest reviews. It’s an approach that sees the site work in a highly independent way that’s quite unique. Without sponsors or writer’s names to tarnish, they’re free to address hard issues like these with complete candour.

    Speaking to the editor of the site, it quickly becomes clear that this isn’t just a flash in the pan: “We thought very carefully about doing this and ultimately it seemed like it was the best course of action. I’m not sure how we could seriously call ourselves an honest organisation if we ignored this thriving industry just because of Victorian prudishness. It’s out there, it’s happening. Trying to pretend otherwise is disingenuous and that’s the one thing that we’ll never be. Readers trust and respect our honesty.”

    “We have no plans to close this aspect of the site, despite controversy. If anything, we may well expand the adult entertainment elements of our coverage, if the demand is there. We’re giving the people what they want, so let’s see what the consumer choose. The last thing that will happen is us dropping this huge area of huge potential just because others dictate it. The public has its own will, and that’s what we serve. The reader always comes first.”

    That commitment to the readers appears to be working too. The site is ranking high in search engines and drawing in vastly increased traffic since the move. It seems that the public really have been looking for expertise in this area, and this may be the start of greater recognition of the adult industries in London’s media.

    For Media Contact:
    Jackie Jones
    London, United Kingdom

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