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    Barry Ratcliffe channels fast talking “Crazy Eddie” character in car commercials

    Union, New Jersey, 1st October 2014 -- Veteran actor and comedian Barry Ratcliffe pays homage to one of the greatest commercial campaign characters ever for the latest Maxon automotive commercials in Union New Jersey. He performs in the frenetic style of the “Crazy Eddie” electronics store campaign which ran in the 70’s and 80’s throughout the Jersey, New York tristate area.

    Barry, reflective of the styles of DJ Jerry Carroll and Early “Madman” Muntz, needed no inspiration to play such a high octane character, because he is naturally full of energy and has always talked abnormally fast. His resume includes playing an auctioneer for all three television networks as well as feature films, and he has actually been an auctioneer and a pitchman for infomercials.

    “When I first auditioned for the character, I actually had to tone it down. In the first take I submitted, I was putting my pants on my head and screaming that the prices at Maxon were so low, they were Insane!. To get the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of such iconic talents, was a challenge that I could not pass it up. I am most thankful to MIke Ciasulli, the owner and operator of Maxon Hyndai, Maxon Mazda, and Maxon preowned vehicles for his support and passion for this ongoing campaign, as well as John Giovatto at Giovatto Advertising for their amazing script and production work.”

    Michael Ciasulli chose Barry as the face of his dealership and the ads because his dynamic and animated enthusiasm. “These ads are meant to be nostalgic, comedic, and powerfully modern at the same time” says Mike. “Barry is the only actor we looked at with the ability to deliver every word of the overall message, is such a clear, concise, and unbelievably fun way. It is exactly the tone and message we want to share with our customers. Maxon is focused on giving our customers the best in every category, but more than that, we know how to laugh at ourselves.”

    Barry just completed two feature films set for release next year, “Loomis Fargo” with Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, and Zach Galifianakis, and the Nicholas Sparks film by 20th Century Fox “The Longest Ride”, due out next April.


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