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    Keruve Tracking Watch for Alzheimer's Continues Offering the Best Solution & Protection for Wandering Issues

    Most people who have experienced it agree, there are few things in the world more frightening than searching for a person with Alzheimer's who has wandered off. For families and care givers searching for an elegant and effective solution to this problem, without further restricting the freedom and quality of life of the person they are caring for. Fortunately, this solution and protection exists, the Keruve GPS Bracelet, which the company recently announced has entered into its 4th generation. The Keruve provides Alzheimer GPS tracking that is not only reliable, but designed specifically with the needs of people with the disease in mind. The response to the device has been resoundingly positive.

    "Since launching our original Keruve bracelet in 2008, we have made every effort to really meet the needs of Alzheimer care givers," commented Abilio Caetano CEO of VISION Localization Systems, creators of Keruve. "We feel very passionately about our technology adding quality of life, freedom and security to people who really need the help and it's a rewarding to know the Keruve has been embraced so warmly."

    Two new features of the Alzheimer GPS tracking device, greatly add to the device's effectiveness. They include: a Localization Platform, which is accessible by smartphone, tablet and other smart devices, allowing care organizations to have a centralized view of all patients; and Live View, which gives a live update on the person with Alzheimer's, if they are staying in one place, wandering or coming home. Both new features add real value to the product, according to the company, making the 4th generation Keruve a real step beyond previous versions.

    Other benefits of the Keruve GPS solution are quite clear, remarked Abilio Caetano, "Our GPS bracelet can save lives, allows for more exercise and freedom in a safe way that can be monitored, and really reduce stress at home. For that reason alone, we hear every day how the Keruve changes lives for the better."

    Other GPS devices not designed with Alzheimer patients specifically in mind; don't deliver key features of the bracelet, like its locking feature which prevents it from being removed by accident. The watch face also has large and easy to read numbers and the receiver of the device has been designed for complete ease of use, since many caregivers may be elderly and no technology savvy.

    All this has combined to create an in-demand, very well reviewed solution for Alzheimer wandering.

    Salvador Villar, CEO of Nursing Home Montsacopa, recently said, "At our center, we attend to people with Dementia as a residential service facility, day care, and in-home care service. The Keruve localization system has given us peace of mind because we can let our patients go outdoors and maintain their independence, freedom, and daily routines. At the same time, it gives us the security to locate them in the cases of disorientation or getting lost."

    About Vision Localization Systems

    Vision Localization Systems, is a pioneer in the research, design and commercialization of miniaturized locators for people with a high risk of wandering. In 2004, the company decided to concentrate its efforts on sectors of society with serious problems that need and demand a solution that their technology can provide. For this reason the company focused in its first stage on developing Keruve, a familiar direct locator (http://www.keruve.com) which is specifically designed for people with Alzheimer's. In 2009, launched of Pikavu express locator for children (http://www.pikavu.com). Vision Localization Systems develops its own technology from a continuous investigation of the needs of its customers.

    For more information be sure to visit http://www.keruve.com.

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