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    THE AMAZING YOU movie release

    Ever since you were a little kid, everybody’s been telling you to live your dreams and to follow your heart. But what does that really mean, how does that connect to reality and how do you practically do that? How do you keep following your heart when it seems most difficult to do so and how do you persist in trusting your heart when the entire world seems to be doing the exact opposite? You’re probably tired of hearing motivational messages and pieces of advice without any connection to reality, especially when they come with very little practical advice.

    But what if some incredible people told you exactly why you have to live your dreams, and then they told you how to do it? Would you believe NASA legends, astronauts, and visionaries from Stanford University who explored space, Grammy-award winning rock stars and paradigm-changing entrepreneurs? Would you listen to their message and then follow their guidance?

    In the new movie THE AMAZING YOU, the people who literally took humanity up into space and inspired entire generations with their work share with you the new models for creating authentic, long-lasting success in your life. As you take this first step in the direction of your highest purpose in life, you can only walk forward, never backward.

    Hosted by Success Engineering Corporation - www.SuccessEngineer.org - this revolutionary new film invites you to take a breathtaking journey of inner exploration to discover the most amazing you and head in the direction of your highest vision in life.

    For the first time, The Amazing You unites the world’s greatest minds to reveal the blueprint for success and guide you to build a new vision for a greater future. This playground of stars includes the Angry Birds, NASA legends who put man on the moon, visionaries who landed robots on Mars, rock stars who inspired generations with their music and entrepreneurs who changed social paradigms with their business savvy.

    Today, we are in an evolutionary process, in an era of high-speed transformation and most of us struggle to find more meaning in our lives. Filled with doubts and anxiety about what tomorrow will bring, we try but most of the times we fail to honestly answer these questions: Who am I? Am I the one that I really want to be? What’s my purpose in life? How can I be happy? Is there more to life than the daily routine we find ourselves trapped in?

    You are welcome to join us on this journey, to discover your life’s amazing purpose and to find out new ways of making it a reality. This journey allowed the mind of man to expand beyond its frontiers and literally reach the stars, this information allowed us to travel beyond our planet, to shatter the paradigms of our false limits as people and to build the vision for a greater future. And now, this information will be in your hands.


    * Peter Vesterbacka – Founder of Rovio, the producers of ANGRY BIRDS
    * Dr. Robert Richards - Co-founder Singularity University, CEO Moon Express / X-PRIZE
    * Steve VAI, Grammy award winning musician
    * Gregg Braden - NY Times best selling author
    * Dr. Charles Pellerin - NASA director, Charlie led the team that built Hubble Space Telescope
    * Dr. Scott Hubbard - NASA MARS Program Director
    * Dr. Ed Hoffman - NASA Chief Knowledge Officer


    'What a great deal of excellent work and thought!'

    - Prof. Scott Hubbard, Stanford University & NASA MARS Program Director

    'I LOVE IT! Your film will open the hearts and minds of many people to the world of amazing possibilities that await them'

    - Dr. Robert Richards, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Founder of International Space University & Singularity University

    'Absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring! This movie reveals timely knowledge from amazing people, wisdom that is fundamental for your success'

    - Haritina Mogosanu, Spacehead & Starryteller, www.milkywaykiwi.org


    The movie is a gift to you and the world, offered by Dragos, the president of Success Engineering Corporation. Discover The Amazing You FREE at: www.TheAmazingMovie.com

    Is AVAILABLE FREE GLOBALLY at www.TheAmazingMovie.com

    YouTube Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTmXcFbTPCo

    • The film is now available in Spanish
    • Coming soon: Portuguese, French, German, Finish, Icelandic, Slovenian, Turkish, Japanese, Romanian, Montenegrin,

    For any questions, ideas and feedback you can reach us at: contact@SuccessEngineer.org


    Success Engineering Corporation is a global provider of social risk management solutions for organizations. Our portfolio of services proudly includes the 4-D System, NASA's team performance and social risk management program. For the last decade, the 4-D System has boosted performance in over 2000 NASA project teams - engineering teams and management teams - including NASA’s most complex systems, the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station and the new Space Launch System designed to take humans back to the moon and then to Mars. Used by organizations in 75 countries, the 4-D system has been shown to improve project and programme delivery and is especially useful for large scale or multiple projects and mission critical environments.

    More at www.SuccessEngineer.org

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