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    ONYC® Hair Proudly Presents Our Brand New GOLDEN-COLLECTION.

    Washington, DC, 23 May 2014 -- From Performing Artists to Actresses, from Beauty Queens to Athletes, the word is out that ONYC® Hair is a trusted and high quality brand. Azealia Banks, Washington Mystics ladies, Actress, Demetria McKinney and many more have rockedONYC® Hair, and you want it too!This season we are soaring to higher heights with theONYC® Golden-Collection™.Our popular textures are now available already color-treated. From our voted#1-Kinky Curly textures to Sizzling Wavy and Seamless Straight you can obtain color hues ranging from a sober #1B (dark brown) color to an illuminating #27 (sunny blonde)and even vibrant #613 (platinum blonde). This new collection affords you the flexibility of diversifying your style without altering, and damaging hair cuticles thus enhancing the length of the wear.

    “This hair is phenomenal! I have worn and tested this product on myself and my clients, and now we are ready for the public to experience this hair,” says Thelma Okoro, CEO and Founder of ONYC® International.“There is no other product like this on the market. We set the standard and go out-of-the-box, which is what ONYC® Hair is all about”

    So now, just in time for Fun-In-The-Sun, don’t be shy with these bold hair colors now available in the very popular and well-loved textures which we already bring to you. This is not like any other hair. It sets us apart from our competitors. Extensive research has been put into the development of each piece; ONYC® certifies that each hair product is product of 100% Pure Cuticle Virgin Remy hair; therefore, each bundle purchased will come with its own certificate of authenticity.

    About ONYC® Hair:
    ONYC® Hair is registered trademark International Hair Extension Company. ONYC® known best for its 100% Pure Cuticle Virgin hair; Cuticle hair is the best grade of hair as it keeps the integrity of the hair. All our hair comes from one donor and our teams of highly experienced and professional staff check all the goods before shipment to remove any defect from the bundle. Hence, each product sold to clients is tested for quality standards at every stage of processing to certify highest quality. ONYC® ensures each strand is kept in the same direction and all cuticles are intact. This process ensures long-lasting, reusable, beautiful hairs that will not tangle, puff, or matte with proper care so that our customers get the best value for their money. We have the widest variation of virgin hair products than any other company. http://www.onychair.com


    Media Contact:
    Diane G. Robertson

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