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    New SEO Service Launched, Which Empowers Businesses by Assisting them with their SEO Needs

    Huddersfield, United Kingdom, 12 May 2014 -- The highly talented search engine optimization team, which has over twenty years of experience in the SEO field, has today announced their new SEO service, SEOKickup.com, which will provide improved search engine rankings, boost sales and offer peace of mind.

    Unlike other SEO providers, SEO Kickupwill remove the falsehoods and myths about achieving a high ranking within Google. SEOKickup.com provides an acute SEO service, which enables website owners to rank their websites higher up in Google’s search results, without hurting their bottom line.

    “There has been a recent surge in consumer complaints against SEO firms and professionals as clients begin to find more and more often, that SEO firms are masters at offering the world and guaranteeing a number one spot in Google’s SERPs, but unfortunately fail to deliver on those words,” said Faisal Ammari, CEO of SEO Kick Up. “Our team has the tools to ensure a website can climb up Google’s organic search results as we specialize in improving rankings. Clicks mean sales and we understand just how important it is to ensure your business website is being seen and clicked on.”

    Many businesses have spent a great deal on their websites and even more on SEO services in an attempt to achieve high rankings. Unfortunately, they have not been able to keep up with the significant changes that Google has undertaken in its latest search engine algorithms. This is where the SEOKickup team differs from other services. The team reviews each website as a standalone case and makes use of over fifteen ‘white-hat’ SEO techniques to ensure the business website they are working on adheres to the specific guidelines set about by the leading search engines.

    “I had quite a terrible experience with an SEO firm and when my employees asked me to consider using SEOKickup.com, I was reluctant as I didn’t want to spend another penny on an SEO service that could cause my website and business harm,” said Jeremy Bostock, Bar Harbor, ME. “We tried them out and haven’t looked back since. The SEO Kickup team removed all the defunct black-hat tricks the previous SEO company had added to my site and then got to work on boosting it on Google and other leading searching engines. The results over the last three months have been outstanding and our sales have increased by fifty five percent.”

    For more information on how the SEO Kickup team can empower a website to achieve its search engine goals, visit http://www.seokickup.com.

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