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    Nashville Songwriter Leaves Past Behind And Moves Into A Bold, Colorful Future With Ambitious New Sound and Album

    Indie rock songwriter Andrew Adkins finds his more folky, eclectic, softer (and sometimes electronic) side in the form of new project The Colored Parade.

    Nashville, TN, 28 April 2014 -- Singer/songwriter, producer and mult- instrumentalist Andrew Adkins presents a new, eclectic mixture of sound with his new music project The Colored Parade. "…And The Walls Of The City Will Shake", the debut release from Adkins' new solo endeavor will be released May 6. The eccentric, varied flavor of music found on this recent collection of songs blurs the lines between various genres and styles. Shades of Americana, Pop, Electronica, loops, samples gives the listener something fresh with each listen. Every song has something different and something unique to offer. Engaging and infectious from start to finish. The Colored Parade is the first of two releases this year. Andrew plans to release an album near the end of the year under his own name. "I wrote and recorded a couple album's worth of songs which sound nothing like each other!" explains Adkins. "I wanted to put one out under an identity, which sort of allows it to breathe on it's own. Like creating an alter-ego. The second part, I wanted to release under my own name. It is more bare-bones and raw than The Colored Parade. I didn't want to confuse people with two contrasting sounds and albums so I created two boxes to present them in."

    Andrew Adkins is no fresh face on the scene. He spent the better part of the last decade on/off the road with his former band, Mellow Down Easy. "We were kids, having fun and learning. Indulging all that road had to offer and living the dream!" The band was a quirky blend of roots music and psychedelic blues. "We sold some albums, toured constantly, made some fans but never really took off majorly because nobody knew how to market us!" exclaims Adkins. The band made their last album for Dualtone Records in 2009. Shortly after Andrew started a new group with ex-members of other bands he was friends with. That band became Lions for Real. "We started the band and within 6 months we were on a plane being flown to Los Angeles by Warner Brothers." The deal fell through but they were picked up by Werewolf Heart Records, which is the home of Dead Man's Bones a band that features acclaimed actor Ryan Gosling. "The whole L.A. thing was a mess. It killed my enthusiasm and burned me out of the music we were creating. Tensions heated and I jumped ship!" explains Adkins. Shortly thereafter Andrew was offered a spot on the road in Rockabilly icon Hank III's band. "I was dead set on it at first. Hank is a super sweet guy but I had started working on demos of new songs and my head and heart was just not feeling traveling. So I declined at the last minute and decided to make these albums". The Colored Parade will be available everywhere online and select record stores May 6. "I feel the most excited, confident and proud of this music than anything I have done in the past. I cannot wait for people to hear this music! This is the album I have always wanted to make."

    For more information on The Colored Parade, visit www.TheColoredParade.com


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