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    World’s Greatest Cable Wrangler Live on Kickstarter

    Introducing JAKKET, the world’s greatest cable wrangler for iOS charging devices! Apple cords are hard to organize and if you've got more than one person in the house using the same device, then the odds are your chargers and cables will disappear. So we created Jakket, a clever new way to identify, organize and preserve your iOS power source.

    Jakket fits snugly around your charger allowing you to securely attach, loop and connect your cord to your adapter. You can now easily take your charger and cable with you wherever you go, always keeping it together, personalized and keenly bound. The larger 12-watt version is also works with Apple’s World Travel Kit.

    JAKKET comes in the various sizes and color choices, one for every member of the family and fits most Apple charging devices. It’s time to lasso, strap and brand your chargers before they ride off into the sunset!

    Contact Information:
    Necia Clark-Mantle
    (435) 773-1321

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