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    Graphic Novel Fans Find their Niche with Amazon Professional Seller

    Amazon professional seller, GNN (GraphicNovelNiche) has been selling graphic novels and comic books to fans for less than a year. During that time, they have managed to build a modest list of satisfied customers from among the countless graphic novel fans online.

    The owners at GNN recently announced plans to add to the existing graphic novel titles currently on their shelves. According to them, new titles will start arriving as early as April 1, 2014. To help encourage additional store exposure and book sales, hundreds of graphic novel titles went on sale this past week. The sale will end on March 15th 20014. The small family-run business has an inventory of thousands of popular graphic novels. The Amazon professional storefront platform enables them to list new, "like new", and slightly used books for sale. GNN stated that they “hope to move much of the existing inventory, so they can make room for even more popular titles.”

    Graphic Novel Niche advertises not only popular titles, but rare and hard to find titles, as well. GNN stated that their decision to increase their inventory and add more diverse titles was based on “…dedication to providing customer satisfaction. “We see what our customers like to read, and we try to keep giving it to them.”

    Many of GNN's top selling titles and series are by industry leaders including: Anime, Darkhorse, DC, Manga, Marvel and Tokyopop. They also list Manga and graphic novel favorites such as: Battle Royal, Digimon, and Yu-Gu-Oh!

    The GNN storefront caters to a variety of audiences. Graphic novel readers can find books for adults, young adults, kids, and teens at the GNN Amazon storefront. Some of the graphic novels and comic books are actually listed for mature readers, however, according to their advertising, they also have titles that are “Rated “E for Everyone”.

    GNN stated that following the end of the current sale on March 15th, books will return to original pre-sale prices; but their customers can still find discounts and bargains at their Amazon storefront.

    For More Details visit: Graphic Novel Niche (GNN) Amazon storefront


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