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    Emperor Wearing Imperial Armor with Exclusive Skills in The Elder Scrolls OL

    "Imperial armor" is a symbol of supreme power, in Tamriel, the only world¡¯s rights of the most people can wear. The "imperial armor" of The Elder Scrolls is created by the strongest material, its value is incalculable. When the emperor wearing this armor marched into battle, it will be a deterrent, shudder at the enemy, believed by the Allies. So, if you are playing with the The Elder Scrolls CD Key, you may need to learn the skill to get such cool equipment.

    Want to be the emperor's step is very simple, but the process is not easy. That is to control you to play the role of PVP - Deere, and then kill a sufficient number of enemy players. That is to say, PVE players who don't like the PVP are basically will not become the emperor.

    Against in the form of alliance in your capture stronghold, teammates and kill enemy players, in addition to gain experience and prize award with The Elder Scrolls CD Key, you will get a score award called "league points". The team which has the most "League points" will be able to control all points surrounding the imperial city, and won the most ¡°league points "players in the league would be crowned king.

    So as the content of the reports before, after became the emperor, you will receive a special imperial armor. At the same time, you can also receive a complete chain of skills, although the official did not make details about how much the power of this chain. But as it is so precious, presumably would be very excellent.

    When the player is no longer the emperor, and then the skill chain will be preserved, though not as strong as you had obtained the title of the emperor, but it is still a force to be reckoned with in the The Elder Scrolls CD Key on the battlefield.

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