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    How to Get FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins

    If you are lucky enough as new FIFA 14 players, you can get three or four golden player at random. Other two gold packages you can get for free. But how can you get more coins let igxe.us tell you.

    The golden package includes a luxury one and an ordinary one. The luxury package can be auction sold at the transfer market. Such like 80 rare gold, you can sale at least 5000-10000 FIFA Coins, hot player sell for 10000-50000 FIFA Coins by contract. Not surprisingly after 1 hour, you can get at least 5000 FIFA 14 Coins. Take full advantage of an hour to get familiar with the game, such as team grade, integrating degree etc.

    You can probably buy 5 golden players in the transfer market with the 5000 FIFA 14 Coins, select the play carefully, the best you can choose player come from the same country, or the same league, even better is in the same football club. Players which screen out through by this way can have high integrating degree. With these five golden players combined with the original one, eight players in total for your team formation. Go on try it, walking according to their task routes. You will find as the new gamer is easy, so as the goalkeeper is also very good to deal with. You can get 500 FIFA 14 Coins after finishing a game and 600 FIFA Coins when you accomplish the newbie task. A few games down you earn some money then can buy some excellent players, don't take much time you can own a football team with 800-1000 integrating degree & team grade upon 70.

    Don't you be attracted by the hot player sell at the transfer market? But suffer from a pocket cash-strapped? Don't you envy other people have a set of integrating degree of 85 +, team grade of 100 team? Believe that most of the players are fighting for good players and equipment. Familiar with after the game, is basically rushing about for the coins.

    How to get it? Methods as below: Play games can make coins and entertainment at the same time. If your technology is good enough fight for the senior league matches can gain very ample return. Or you don't have the time to competition also does not have enough skilled technology; you need can buy cheap fifa coins from a trustworthy website. www.igxe.us should be a smart choice. Igxe.us is famous for it's safely and fast delivery. You can get FIFA coins and cards whenever and wherever.

    Article source: http://www.igxe.us/newview_49189.html

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