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    PSY Corporation invites investors to join them in new Kickstarter Campaign

    London, UK - Investors large and small will soon have the opportunity to invest in unique new product that will give your mobile device the ability to capture the world even when it is in complete darkness. Called the Snooperscope, this amazing new invention will allow your mobile device to be used for night vision.

    Whether the user is filming in low light or in the pitch black, the Snooperscope will see it. The Snooperscope will make the user aware of things that they never imagined possible. With the Snooperscope, all of the items previously hidden by the shadows will become visible – it will open up a whole new world for its users.

    The Snooperscope is small and light, which means it, is easy to carry and perfect for use by wildlife observers, photographers, hunters and film makers.

    A Kickstarter campaign will get underway on Monday, November 25. The Kickstarter campaign will allow investors to play an important role in the success of this fantastic new product.

    Investing in the Kickstarter project is affordable for even the smallest investor. Just £1.00 allows investors to start support the Snooperscope project. For those that give at least at least £1.00, the team at Snooperscope will give them a huge thank you and investors can be reassured that they are helping to take Snooperscope to the next level. Snooperscope will also keep investors up-to-date with all of the latest developments.

    Just £24 will cover the cost of a Snooperscope device. This will be supplied from our early production line and will give the investor a $60 discount off the retail price.

    Anyone pledging at least £43.00 will be among the first on the list when it comes to receiving a Snooperscope from the first production line. The £43.00 investment price gives a $30 discount off the retail cost.

    Invest £55 or more and you’ll receive a Snooperscope and a special limited edition t - shirt in three different colors.

    Other options for investing are also available.

    To find out more or to invest in the project, visit



    Marco Montresor
    (+44) 2035297932

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