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    Matrixyl 3000 Contained In TruvisageProven Effective

    Truvisage anti-wrinkle cream has Matrixyl 3000 as one of the ingredients contained in it; making it so helpful and useful for people to fight wrinkles, fine lines, furrows and other skin problems.

    According to SmartSkinCare.com, an online provider of facts and information on skin health, “Matrixyl 3000 is a relatively new skin care ingredient promoted as a new and improved version of Matrixyl.” Hence, the component contained in Truvisage anti-aging cream has a beneficial impact on skin problems such as wrinkles, fine lines and furrows.

    This ingredient of skin care products was proven effective by Sederma Corporation when it conducted a study with 24 volunteers tested for two months of daily application. It produced these results according to Sederma.

    • -15% reduction in main wrinkle depth
    • -14% reduction in skin roughness
    • -16% reduction in complexity [lifting] parameter
    • -44% decrease in the area occupied by deep wrinkles
    • -37% decrease in wrinkles density
    • +15% increase in skin tone
    “These visible benefits of this skin care ingredient have made our Truvisage cream so beneficial. As a matter of fact, people who have used our cream have testimonials and reviews on its efficacy,” says Glenda Anderson in their officialTruvisage review.

    “My skin had full of wrinkles as caused by aging. But when I started using this product 1 month ago, I was able to see the reduction and decrease of deep wrinkles in my skin,” explains Noelle Christy, aged 38.

    The Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER) has explained the widely-known causes of wrinkles such as aging, ultraviolet exposure, smoking, facial movements, gender and poor diet or nutrition.

    However, Truvisage adds a statement through its Spokesperson that wrinkles and the other effects of “these factors toward the skin could be avoided and prevented if proper course of actions would be done.” She reveals further that “by using skin supplements like this cream that has Matrixyl 3000 together with other natural ingredients would help people eliminate the skin problems.”

    The Spokesperson also said that they have another skin care product called Puressance and when using both the tru visage &pur essence, the wrinkle diminishes faster.

    This product has a product page online where people can also choose countries like Singapore, Malaysia and United Kingdom. “People in these countries can easily access our product. Again, its efficacy is proven not just by relevant studies but also by the end-users,” discloses the Spokesperson.

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