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    PoV2, the next in the Series, is now available to order on-line in eBook and Paperback versions.

    The story continues from book one and is more action packed and detailed regarding Horace Mayberry's amazing nanotronic eyes. He again discovers new powers using them, starting with something as simple as changing the channels on his TV, without using the remote unit.

    Someone steals five nanotronic weapons from Professor Freeman’s, laboratory, and the VPHQ agents must recover them. The subsequent exciting action takes place all over Europe, including terrorists’ hideouts in London, Scotland, France, and Austria. All are connected to sinister billionaire Rudolph Beckmann who wants the prototypes at any expense.

    Every chapter gets better and you just have to know what is going to happen next. What amazing new abilities will Horace’s new eyes give him when he needs them? Not even Horace is prepared for some of his new powers. I’m giving this book 5 stars - Ana Torres, first reviewer, USA

    Have a look at the author’s website: www.tonythorne.com

    A .pdf version of PoV2 is now available via eMail to (and direct from ) the author for only $3.50 to PayPal (for a limited Introductory time, both using): tonythorne@aol.com

    eBook and paperback versions can be obtained from online stores. Just enter THORNE MBE WEAPONS into any browser Search Box for a link to Amazon and most suppliers.

    About the Author

    Tony Thorne MBE is an Englishman, born and technically educated in London, England, as a Chartered Design Engineer. For developments in low temperature (cryo)surgery instruments, and very high temperature processing furnaces for carbon fibre, the Queen awarded him an MBE. Retired now he, he is the author of quirky speculative fiction; mostly tall Science Fiction and Macabre tales, with over 100 short stories published in many magazines, various collections, and many anthologies. His first novel, POINTS OF VIEW, was published in 2012 by Eternal Press, Santa Rosa, CA. This new book, PoV2 is its first sequel.

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