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    Making decorating easier than you might think...

    A company based in Oslo has become one of the first Norwegian businesses to offer wallpaper sales online. Tapetsenteret which launched on the 16st October wants to transform the level of standard in Norwegian homes and provide a simple and convenient service to those willing to try wallpaper.

    CEO (Insert name) said "Wallpapering is a lot easier than many people expect. It's a really great alternative to costly decorating costs because anyone can do it and get great results. We wanted to take our service online because a lot of people find it hard to get out to DIY stores and giving them a huge variety of wallpaper to choose from at their fingertips makes everything a lot easier".

    Tapetsenteret already offers a wide range of wallpaper including the brand Eijffinger and hopes to expand to offer even more brands in the future.

    According to independent research, Norway has then highest annual net spending on home decorating of any country globally. This is party because of the reluctance to embrace the DIY attitude favoured by many other countries like the UK. Tapetsenteret is keen to turn this around and get more people to start improving their homes with stunning wallpaper.


    Media Contact:
    Zach Nilsen
    +47 97745886

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