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    Journaling: The Power to Change Your Life!

    “The Easy Quick-Start Beginner Guide to Journaling, according to author, Patricia M. Kelley, decodes the mystery of how persons can use journaling to empower their lives. Kelley, who has developed her laser-focused techniques over many years of journaling and shares them in her recently released new Kindle ebook, says this how-to guide helps people connect with their angels, spirit guides, masters and more.

    “The Easy Quick-Start Beginner Guide to Journaling, Channeling and Automatic Writing for Peace, Power, Purpose and Prosperityprovides thekeys to creating an empowered vision for your life and what you want to experience,” says Kelley, who notes that the book is currently available on Amazon.

    “The simple act of placing your pen to paper activates the power of intention,” adds the author. She believes it also causes persons to focus on what’s being written by moving them into an alpha state; a more relaxed “in the now” state of being and creation.

    Noting the practice of journaling helps a person to enter the “gap”, which is that place between thoughts where inspiration can flow, uninhibited by one’s conscious and unconscious blocks,Kelley says this momentarily suspends whatever blockages there are.

    “This is the gap, the matrix, and the field of all potentiality,” states Kelley.

    She adds this state of flow opens up one’s receptive faculty to a “higher guidance while you journal, and this is where the power comes in.”

    Arguing that Journaling can be used for multiple purposes, Kelley admits to using it herself to record aspects of her life, her feelings, thoughts and emotions, as well as for receiving powerful guidance.

    “I also use it to record ideas and inspirations for my work and my life in general. My journals are the only rear-view mirror I use for my life now. They serve to remind me of how far I’ve come, whenever I need reinforcement,” explains Kelley, whose journaling also includes what she calls, “Automatic Writing.”

    This Automatic Writing process, according to Kelley, helps her to “look back at the pages I had journaled and read things I did not recognize as my own writing.” She says thevernacular and “voice” were different—and the messages were sometimes, nothing less than astounding.

    However, Kelley admits she has never had the feeling of “checking out” during her automatic writing sessions. Rather, she was more conscious of when it’s happening now.

    Kelley further explains: “I know I am writing while journaling - and usually have had ‘contact’ just prior to its start. What I mean by contact is that I silently ‘hear’ words, or feel a presence, or sense more of a ‘knowing’ that pops into my mind. It’s similar to the ‘downloads’ that I receive at other times. However, during journaling now, I am often receiving information, guidance and comfort from a variety of Spirit Guides, Archangels and Master Teachers. They always identify their presence, who they are and what it is they want me to know.

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    Patricia M. Kelley is a BIG CHANGES Life and Business Wholeness Coach, Speaker, Author, Trusted Expert and Change-Catalyst. Her focus is on helping others live “The Purpose Plan” for their lives, to live the life they were born to live in every way. To turn their mess into their message, their pain into purpose, their loss into legacy - while enjoying purpose and prosperity. http://TheChangeTeacher.com


    Media Contact:
    Patricia M. Kelley, Owner/Author
    The Change Teacher, P.O. Box 1583 Anacortes, WA 98221, USA
    206 391 7707

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