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    Internationally recognized artist Absoloot launches Banksters, a refreshing hip hop album with a surprising message

    Florida native rapper Absoloot just launched Banksters, a new heartfelt and refreshing hip-hop album with a powerful positive message almost anyone can relate to. Focused on helping his community, Absoloot puts his money where his mouth is and is giving a percentage of the proceeds from the album sales to Men2boys Mentoring, a non-profit organization, which mentors and helps young boys and males.

    Absoloot is an internationally known artist with a goal to inspire, educate and empower. An independent artist with As I Am Records, Absoloot is currently working out of AAMG Studios and has more than 80,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram, a number which is growing fast as the album`s positive reviews start to gather in heaps.

    His approach is new and different, leaving out the stereotypes, profanity and gangster talk that has been around lately in this industry and focuses entirely on powerful contemporary messages that touch most of us. Absoloot and As I Am Records are creating a new movement by using intelligent lyrical content and live instruments. This is a refreshing perspective on good hip hop music, a mix of old and new school style.

    The album reaches wide and deep into the souls of people, breaking all boundaries, probably one of the reasons it is well-reviewed by people of all ages. His positive message, aimed to help his community, is reinforced by his constant benevolent actions. The artist`s goal of giving back has materialized in fruitful collaborations with organizations like Men2boys. The non-profit organizes self-improvement workshops and seminars for boys and young males, mentoring them and offering guidance while focusing on academics, athletics and arts. Through this collaboration Absoloot takes an active part in create a better future for young people, helping them finish education and develop interpersonal skills and gives his fans a chance to help.

    He does the same through Banksters, which is meant to inspire, educate and empower. Absoloot offers a much deeper message than the superficial money, cars and girls routine. With themes like the troubled economy, the constant struggle of people to survive or corruption and the abuses of the ones in power, the artist shows support for the majority of people, not the 1%.

    His passion is real and cannot be faked, but is dressed in clothes of self-control as tracks from the Banksters album are ruled by a calm, cool and collected voice. In a style that has sometimes been compared to that of Jay-Z, Pitbull or NAS, Absoloot aims to give hope and lead to action. Banksters is a follow-up to his “99%” international recognized song that was named the theme song of the Occupy Movement by Huffington Post. It includes new and inspiring tracks like Keep Dreaming and One day.

    Absoloot`s new album is available for immediate download at http://www.cdbaby.com/absoloot6 as well as on iTunes or Reverbnation. You can follow Absoloot on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

    Media Contact:
    Brandon Freeny
    AAMG Studios

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