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    Facebook Coupon Advertising Can Increase Sales, Generate More Customers and Crush Deal Site Advertising Costs

    Philadelphia, PA - A recent study conducted by local internet marketing expert Russ Royal shows local business owners how to increase revenue, generate more customers per month and greatly reduce their “deal site” advertising budgets by using carefully planned Facebook Coupon Advertising campaigns.

    Deal sites like Groupon, Slickdeals, and Living Social have become quite popular for the savvy consumer looking for the hottest deals in town. Although these deal sites might offer great discounts for the consumer, they often place the small business owner in a difficult position when the time comes to make good on the deal. Business owners are finding that poorly structured deals are extremely costly. The deep discounts along with the percentage of the sale given to the deal sites can be a killer for the business owner.

    Consider this example of a normal deal site cost:
    400 deals x $30 = $1200
    50% goes to the del site
    Cost to the business $6000

    The actual cost is actually higher because the deal itself at $30 is offered at a significant discount. And, the business owner never gets the customer contact information, the business owner is left to hope the customer returns.

    Russ Royal, a local marketing expert is offing a solution that uses the power of viral Facebook coupon advertising that will increase revenues, generate customers and reduce the advertising costs for business owners who use deal sites or are considering using them.

    This is an incredible opportunity for local business owners to target their marketing. “The equation is a simple one. By doing business with 10% of existing customers one or two times more per month you can increase sales dramatically, said Mr. Royal. He continued “If 10% of your customers shared your business with 200-300 friends your referrals increase dramatically as well.”

    Mr. Royal then offered this example: “Consider that the average Facebook user has 300 friends, if you offer a coupon for a discounted deal and only 10 people per day redeemed your deal, that’s a potential 3000 people per day viewing your deal. Every time someone grabs the deal, they go into the customer database and your reach grows.

    Setting up a coupon offer that will generate customers for a fraction of the deal site cost can be a huge benefit for local businesses. In the example above, the program used by Russ will save the business owner thousands of dollars while helping the client create a growing list for future marketing efforts. Russ Quipped, “if you have a Facebook fan page and already have a following, you’d be amazed at what we can do for your business in creating a viral coupon offer. We can get you started for as little as $500 and for a limited time we’re waiving the set up costs”

    Recent studies show that marketing on Facebook will outpace advertising on Google in the next two years. Business owners looking for an advantage in their local market might want to explore their marketing options and look into facebook coupon advertising.

    For more information on creating viral coupon offers call (215) 874-6700

    Russ Royal can be reached by telephone in his office.

    Page One Marketing Geek
    3530 West Crown Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA 19114
    (215) 874-6700

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