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    Most people think Atlanta, Georgia and immediately assume the television show that focuses on the rich and famous people living in the city.

    This is a real shame, because there is much more to the Big Peach than what is seen on the television program. Kita Bryant thought to do something about that.

    “Too often there are magazines about the rich, famous, young and beautiful who have done great things, but very often nothing of real substance. Kokoa Magazine is about changing that,” said Kita Bryant, Editor-in-Chief of Kokoa Magazine.

    Taken from the Japanese, Kokoa (pronounced Ko Ko Ah) means love of heart, mind and spirit. It is about regular people with regular lives doing regular things.

    “We simply keep it real. Clothes that are affordable; meals that are pronounceable; and people that are living in the real world with real ups and downs,” Bryant continued.

    Of course, do not take Bryant’s word for it. Look at what some of her readers had to say:

    "Kita does what she says she will do and that is hard to in these days," Donna, Mary Kay representative.
    "Kokoa Magazine goes above and beyond what they say they will do; she goes the extra mile and makes you feel like a part of the magazine not just an ad," Rebecca, Just Cakes.

    "Kita is supportive of businesses and she always answers back emails in a timely fashion. I can depend on her," Jason, King Designs.

    Featuring several categories of topics from food to business, Kokoa is fast becoming the new hit magazine for those in Atlanta and beyond.

    “We are looking forward to reaching out beyond the Perimeter and into other areas. In fact, if you would like to write for us, contact me. I would love to talk to you,” said Bryant.

    For additional information on Kokoa Magazine, visit www.kokoamag.com

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