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    You may have heard of Transfer factors and are actually wondering what they are all about. While you may tend to think that these are nutrients required by your body, they are, in reality, molecules from one immune system that can transmit immune memory and knowledge to another immune system.

    Your immune system works doubly hard to keep you fully functional as an individual. It gives you the energy that you need to do the things that you love and helps you to respond positively to all types of problems that you might encounter. This system can be impaired by various factors such as lack of sleep, too much exposure to stressful situations, and unhealthy lifestyle. It is important to take care of your immune system; otherwise, you will be restricted from enjoying life to the fullest.

    Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence, a New York University immunologist, discovered that immune system molecules can be transferred from a donor to a recipient via white blood cell extract; he called the substance transfer factor. 50 years of research and about $40 million have been spent to document the effectiveness and viability of transfer factors.

    This paved the way for 4Life founders to license a patent that will extract transfer factors from cow colostrums 1998. This gave birth to 4life Transfer factor, a product of many years of research and dedication to provide the market with a high-standard supplementation for immune system.

    4Life products, including Transfer Factor plus, provides long term solution for a balanced immune system, providing your body the right amount of energy that’s needed in a given situation. Unlike vitamins and other nutritional supplements in the market that provides temporary nutrition, 4Life Transfer factor provide intelligence to the immune system by teaching it to recognize, respond to, and remember invading germs.

    Nature has its way of protecting and keeping its young in good condition all the time. 4Life took inspiration from a mother’s natural way of supplementing its offsprings. For instance, mammals are able to pass on their immune know-how through her first milk (or colostrums), while others use their egg yolks to achieve this purpose. 4Life uses patented technologies and processes to extract transfer factors from cow colostrums and chicken egg yolks. The results are products that provide high quality immune system support.

    4Life Transfer factor can be taken in various forms so you can easily receive your daily dose of immune system support:

    • Rio Vida Tri-Factor Formula contains powerful antioxidant fruit juice and comes in a liquid form. It is the only transfer factor drink in the world.
    • Immune Spray is a transfer factor in spray form which combines the anti-bacterial properties of colloidal silver and the immune power of Transfer Factor XF.
    • Chewable Tri-Factor Formula comes in a chewable tablet form.
    • Transfer Factor Kids contain Transfer Factor E-XF with vitamins and minerals required by children to attain proper growth and body nutrition.

    4Life Transfer factor products also include personal care items to support healthy skin. They have a complete line of products from cleanser to toner, moisturizer, eye cream, body lotion, and toothpaste.

    Living life to its fullest is your birthright. 4Life ensures you are equipped with the right support to maintain a strong immune system.

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